Singtel / singtel wrong billing

United States

All calls to Bangladesh should be under V019 free call. 2 months ago singtel charged me normal rates when I called to US (NYC & Boston) and Bangladesh (Dhaka Mobile)..this is despite the fact that I had signed up for the V019 plan and pay SGD6 every month for this. When I called and asked her why calls to US & Bangladesh is not considered free. Customer service told me, "sir calls to US & Bangladesh are free but calls to NYC, Boston & Dhaka are not because they are different countries". I asked the lady to tell me what the country codes for all these cities and she told me they are 0191 (US) & 01988 (Bangladesh). I told her what to go and check for me which continent these countries are and she came back after 10 minutes and told me "Sir Dhaka is in Africa, Boston is in Europe and I do not know where NYC is". I asked her what planet she was from and she told me, "Singapore Sir". I got so angry and told her can u please connect me to Earth.

Subsequently they corrected that months bill but continued to bill me I use a lot of overseas calls. Then another problem started with my text messages and overseas data roaming. After being billed exhuberant amounts of 1k plus every month, I started checking my bills and there are so many issues. I went back to my text logs to a particular number and realised they billed me doubles texts for every single ones I sent. This is ok since each costs 0.05 but when u consider a bill of 200 plus for only text messages it becomes annoying. You can't possibly go back and count every single month.

I am so frustrated and company refuses to pay for all these because the finance was the one initially to point out the mistakes with V019 and now ask me to check my bill every month. And each bills take 2 months to clear. SIngtel is the premium provider in Singapore?? This is just absurd!

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