SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / singtel mobile bill and duty supervisor

Since March this year, I encountered difficulties accessing the password protected bill from Singtel. After numerous calls and email exchange with Lincoln, Duty Supervisor of Email Resolution Team, my request on 14 May to escalate this matter was replied by Lincoln, Duty Supervisor himself and matter still unresolved.

What sort of investigation was carried out during this 4 months? Have already mentioned I'll only pay the bill when I get to the bottom of this matter (the standard password failed to access my bill) yet you don't seem motivated to resolve the matter by way it was handled, keep harassing with inflated bill statements and threaten to cut of my mobile connection with more penalties to reinstate.

Account Number: [protected]
1st call to 1688: 23 march
First email from Singtel: 16th apr
2nd call to 1688: 14 May
Last email to Duty Supervisor: 23rd July

Jul 25, 2018

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