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Dear Sir

I have sent in my feedback/complaint to SingTel since 2 weeks ago. However, there's no rely or call back SingTel though it was mentioned will reply within 2 working days. Below is the feedback I have sent in.

On 9 November 2018, I have made an order for iPhone XR with 128G, Red, and signed a 2 years plan under XO combo with SingTel (porting over from Starhub).
As I encountered some issue during the process on order online, I called Singtel hotline, 1609 and my order was confirmed.As I am porting over from Starhub, I am very concerned on the process of the porting over to Singtel. The staff who took my order confirmed that the delivery will be arranged on 12 November 2018 between 6 - 9 pm. And the activation for the port over will only take place at 11pm on 13 November 2018.

However, on 12 November 2018, at 8.08 pm, I received a call from Ms Joyce of XDel. She called to inform that the delivery could only be sent at 10.30 pm instead of the arranged timing of bet 6 - 9 pm. I told Joyce the latest time to deliver is 9 pm. She suggested to change the delivery to 13 November 2018 instead as the delivery guy is unable to reach in time. I have no choice but to agree to the change.

As the activation will take place at 11 pm on 13 November 2018, I called Ms Joyce to confirm that the new iphone together with the SIM card will be delivered on 13 November 2018. Ms Joyce however said that only the delivery will only be the iphone XR and not the SIM card. Then I wonder who will be delivery the SIM card. She advised me to call Singtel to check.

At 8.16 pm, I called Singtel hotline 1609. I spoken to a customer service officer, Ms Winnie Lau for more than 30 minutes. My call is to confirm that the SIM card will be delivered together with the Iphone XR and the date and time for SIM card activation. As I will be porting my existing number from Starhub to Singtel, I need to ensure I do receive the SIM card before the port over was activated.

Ms Winnie confirm that the SIM card will be delivered together with the iphone XR. And the activation will only take place on 14 November 2018 or any day after should there be any issue during the activation of the port over. She mentioned that delivery of iphone will be on 12 November, process on 13 November and activation on 14 November 2018. As such, I requested Ms Winnie to call Ms Joyce to confirm that the SIM card will be delivered together with the iphone XR. To my surprise, Ms Winnie said she does not have the contact of XDel. To my surprise, XDel is a courier company engaged by Singtel. But Singtel staff does not have the contact to reach the courier guys.

As Ms Winnie's confirmation on the date and time for the activation of the port over does not tally with the staff whom has advised me previously when I placed the order. I requested her to double confirm and she requested to transfer to another department whom can better advise me. I hold on the line for more than 15 minutes but the line was not transferred. Instead, Ms Winnie speak to me and repeat the whole conversation.

At this point of time, I requested to speak to her superior/ person in-charge for the day as she is unable to answer to me even after talking to her more than 30 minutes. She did not transfer the call and said that she need to send email should I want to speak to her superior. As I am unable to wait for her further to send email to request for a return call, I requested her to arrange her superior to return my call by 9 pm (12 November). I waited for the whole night on 12 November and whole day on 13 November, not a single staff from Singtel returned my call.

Adding on, the whole conversation she address me as Ms Ann, though I keep repeating my name is Ms Anna.

I am totally disappointed with the service rendered from SingTel. I have been a Singtel customer for a very long time till 2 years back, I port over to Starhub as they offered a better data plan package compared to SingTel. However, I decided to port back to Singtel as I feel Singtel is much better. However, before the start of my 2 years contract with Singtel, this is the kind of service I received. I personally feel that Singtel does not cherish their customer and provide poor customer service.

I hope that the Management will look the matter and revert back to me.

Thank you.

Ms Anna
Email add: [protected]

Nov 23, 2018

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