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I did my recontract through a phone call from salesperson Vicky Low Bee Key. He agreed and confirm that Singtel technical person will come over and install the modem, TV setup box on the 30/05/2018 between 6-9pm. However, nobody turn up except delivery man from Ninja courier service provider. When I call the customer care consultant, I was told that the salesperson will call me back and explain to me. The following day, nobody bother to contact me and I was force to call CSC again for update. Then I was given an appt date which was 1/6/2018 at 9-9.30am for the installation of modem. This time, technical person told me that he was given a order to do repair and not install new set. After going through all these [censored], I decided not to recontract anymore as it was Singtel who failed to deliver as per sale agreement. Singtel breach the contract as until today 1/6/2018 I still got to live with the old modem. I requested for someone who is able to make decision to give me a call and do the cancellation for me due to Singtel unable to fulfill as per sale agreement. Finally, I was told by another officer who took up the case and say will get back to me only by next wed. For goodness sake, I have to wait till next Wednesday. So kindly tell me who breach the sales contract??? Do contact me at [protected].

Since Singtel unable to fulfill then I dun think the contract still valid. Revert everything back to the original and I shall take it as nothing have happen before. Sincerely disappointed with the service provided during this whole incident. Refer to the sales agreement attached. I hope someone is able to give a fair judge.

Disappointed customer
Lim Kok Kwang
9650 8899

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications

Jun 01, 2018

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