Singtelpoor customer service and knowledge; lack of initiative to resolve problem

N Nov 24, 2017

Total 3 problems:
1. I requested activation of caller ID 1 day after my re-contract for my mobileshare that was signed up using my landlord's CIS scheme. I called 1688 for the application and was handled by Norman. Application submitted on 16 Nov 2017 and was advised to check for the caller ID on Monday, 20 Nov 2017.
I checked on monday, still not yet activated - called 1688 and was put hold for 48 minutes. I was requested to provide the mobileshare number - which I gave - and the CSO told me that the number is not registered. I was shocked as my mobileshare number is totally active and I have been sending sms and using it for calling my sister. After struggling for 20 minutes which Sabrina kept claiming that the number is non-existent, in the end, she found the number. She told me that the number is under new system that she is not familiar with. Hmm.. is this how Singtel train their staff? Long story short, I was told that the application has been submitted and still pending action. The caller ID should be activated within 2 days and was advised to check on Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017.
I checked on wednesday - no caller ID.. I called 1688 again and put on wait for 47 minutes. I was served by Nik. I was again told to wait 2 business day since there was a system error previously. I asked whether manual request can be done and the staff was baffled. He told me that investigation team has been deployed and based on procedure, no action to be taken except just wait. I was assured that on Friday, if there is still no caller ID, somebody from the investigation team will call me and explain.
Today, 24 Nov 2017.. still no caller ID, no investigation team.. nothing. I was wondering does Singtel tell their staff to give blatant lie to their customer to avoid the problem?
I went to Singtel shop and they told me that the "caller ID should be done within an hour.. 1688 always make life difficult" - quoted from the shop staff without any additional word. Since I have applied via 1688, I was afraid of double application, thus, I decided to call 1688 again after coming back from the shop. No solution. Same answer - investigation team has been deployed, just wait. Till when, Singtel? Till I die?

2. During the same re-contract as above, I purchased Samsung tablet for my main line which was signed up under my landlord's CIS scheme. The Samsung tablet kept blinking at random timing. Thus, I asked 1688 whether I can exchange the tablet. I was told that Singtel is only distributor and do not handle problematic device. I approached Samsung for their help and they asked me whether I have contacted Singtel. Samsung said that within 7 days, the tablet can be exchanged under Singtel not Samsung as the Samsung service centre is dedicated for repair. I get back to Singtel and again, was told to go to Samsung service centre since Singtel is only distributor. My question is.. distributor is the link between supplier and customer, no? Does this mean that you release your responsibility once you gave the product to customer? What is the agreement between Samsung and Singtel? When I inquired on this, I was told that the agreement is confidential. Then in this case, should i trust Samsung or Singtel? Should I go for exchange under Samsung or Singtel?

3. As my re-contract is under my landlord's CIS Scheme, everytime I called or went to service centre or singtel shop, my landlord need to be present due to PDPA. My landlord was pissed off with me for the 2 matters above since I kept asking him for verification purpose. Can't Singtel put a very simple measure on this? For example - the CIS sign up can be under my landlord name but tag the number using my name and IC number. This gave the device owner flexibility on checking the billing, applying/cancelling add on and requesting for service at service centre. I wonder why Singtel staff never bother to propose a solution?

I hope that Singtel encourages their staff to propose a method for feedback by customer. If the add on application stuck at the system, do manual - not just deploy investigation team and then kept silence. If you are unaware of the new system - request for training. Singtel is shorten from Singapore Telecommunication. As someone representing Singapore, please, be more knowledgeable and responsible.

I do believe Singtel has the lousiest CSO. It has been a horrible journey for the past 17 years and will be for the next 2 years. I am wondering whether I should move on after the completion of my 2 years contract. I have been staying out of loyalty.. but, the horribleness only get worse. Sigh.. my patience is totally used up.

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