Singtel / home telephone line

Extremely POOR customer service, EMPTY promises!
2nd Nov: I had signed up a new home telephone line with Singtel, porting over my existing number from my M1 fibre plan. Took a FEW HOURS at the Singtel shop (on a weekday) to get the registration done, and was promised the line would be ready on 13th Nov. And if there was any issues, they would call me.
13th Nov I tested the line, not working!
14th Nov: No one from Singtel called me! So I called the CS. The guy I spoke to said it was because the order was not closed yet, and promised it will be closed by today or tomorrow.
16th Nov: Phone line still not yet up! And no updates from the CS, AGAIN! Fine, so I have to call CS again. This time this guy named Hamilton spoke to me, and said HE WILL PERSONALLY HANDLE THE CASE and put this issue as the highest priority. He said there was some problem with the telephone switch, and the techs will check. If necessary, they will inform me that the techs will need to go into my house and check the line too.
So the weekend passed, and I gave them extra 2 working days. Still NO UPDATES FROM THE CS!
21st Nov: So I called in AGAIN, and tried to ask for this Hamilton guy. The guy who picked up didn't have a clue who this Hamilton guy was. Wow!! Fantastic!!! And he claims that in the system, it was another name that was handling my case. Ok whatever, so I told him that whoever is handling my case, can this officer please CALL ME BACK tomorrow.
22nd Nov: No callback from anyone in Singtel. Not surprised anymore.
23rd Nov: And I have to call in AGAIN for the 4th time!! This time, I was told that the technician need to come to my home to check the line... WHAT?? Then why no one from CS called me about this?? So I have to keep calling your lousy line which I have to hold 10mins everytime to get to speak to someone??
Seems to me like no one is actually taking responsibility to really follow up with the customers? Really crap service, Singtel!

Nov 23, 2017

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