Singpostlack of service at ion - orchard post office

Dear sir
My colleague went to yr (Ion) Orchard post office on 19/01 to receive funds sent by western union
She reached the Post office n took a queue no at 1.55pm under their dedicated queue counter 3 for western union.
At the time there was only 1 number ahead of her.
Having waited to close to 25mins and seeing that the queue wasn't being called or manned, she inquired fm the lady serving counter "4"why there wasn't any movement at counter "3" where upon she said she would help momentarily. After waiting for her to finish with her customer she continued to serve other customers at her counter n didn't even bother checking on the situation at counter 3.
It was only when I had seen her serve 2 more customers (some 10 mins later) that I went up to her and told her what was the meaning of having a so called "dedicated" counter when the number never changed.
She again told us she would be with us momentarily which only riled us further as after saying so she continued to serve other customers at her counter.
I then went up to her demanding to see a supervisor whereby she said she was the supervisor.
This was appalling for a supervisor to nonchalantly not do anything about the situation.
In fact the person who was ahead of us also protested as she had been there for more then 45mins too.
Finally after a few mins a customer service attendant came fm the back office to man counter "3"
When asked where she had been all this time, she replied her lunch break.
Anyways the customer before me was called n served after which it was our turn.
FYI the lady before us, Ms Lee Anne (queue no 4005) took her queue number at 13.40.
I have cc emailed her this complaint and forward you her email address so you could offer her an explanation too.
Her email [protected]
In all fairness, the customer service attendant was prompt in her service when she finally attended to us.

I just would like to put on record that the attitude of the supervisor was inappropriate n lacked any sense of urgency. If this is the manner in which supervisors are trained to engage with their customers, it is definitely lacking n fortunate for SingPost that they do not have any competition for they would definitely loose their customer to their competitors.

I append the name of the supervisor as well as the customer service who eventually served us.
1. Normah Ahmad
2. Sylvia Ooi
Pls also find my queue no 4006 showing that the time we collected the queue number ie 13.55pm as well as a short video confirming that as at
2.26pm the number had not been called.
We were finally served at 3.35pm.
The lady in "blue" wearing a head scarf below the clock is the supervisor in the video.


Jan 23, 2017

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