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I am very disappointed with the so call "Excellent Service of Changi Airport". Today, I was going to take the Flight MF 852 to Xiamen to be taken off at 3:40pm. I reached the airport at 2:45pm. When I saw the information board, I found that the flight MF 852 was in status of "last call". I rushed to the counter 6 at terminal one at 2:55pm and found that there were 2 long queues before the counter with the information board "MF 852" above. I waited in the queue for around 20 minutes and suddenly board change the information from "MF 852" to another flight. When I realized that there was something wrong with the counter and asked the official, it was too late for me to check it. All the people in the queue were going to take another flight. Should the counter only serve the customer for flight MF 852, I could make the check in. Now, I not only lost the money but also the valuable time for me to meet my customer. It is really an irritating experience!

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  • Ti
      Jun 03, 2015

    I got bad experience with Changi Airport too. FlyScoot have employed a very rude employee by the name of NICHOLAS WEE! As with any passengers who have missed their flight, the last thing on the passengers' mind is to face a HOOLIGAN who talks rudely and only shoot his mouth off on chasing us out of the airport. He was practically waving his hand gestures at us throughout the whole episode! His tone and behavior are totally UNACCEPTABLE. When we reached F50 gate, the first thing that he did was to wave his hand at us to go out of the gate and sit outside the gate to wait for him. While we were taking a rest outside F50 gate, he suddenly came out and told us to follow him. We told him that we would like to sit a while more as we were trying to catch our breath, but he threatened us with the Airport Police if we are not going to budge. All we ask is that we take a short rest to catch our breath but this small request is rejected with a sneer. Eventually we have no choice but to follow him as he claimed that we need to do some sort of administrative offload before he can assist us to rebook our tickets.

    It appeared to us that he seemed not to know his job scope very well. Took us to departure F gate immigration saying that this is to facilitate the offloading procedure. When we got there, he was told by the immigration officers that this is not the correct place to do the offload! And our poor feet and heart had to continue to be led by him on this senseless marathon. Along the way, we asked him what can be done to get us on the next flight and all he replied was that now he is the IN CHARGE and we just need to follow him and get out of the airport. He told us that "he will see what he can do after we go out of the airport."

    Finally, we reach E Gate immigration. He suddenly become a meekly mouse in his tone when he was talking to the immigration officer there. We heard him asking the officer on where to walk for our offload to be done. Oh come on, the IN CHARGE who does not even know the procedure for a proper offload for the passengers? When we asked him how come he was taking us on a merry go round tour, this time he answered that usually it is the ladies who handle such matters and not him.

    This is not all. The heart wrenching aspect is that it seemed that Nicholas does not seemed to practise what Changi Airport always seems to preach. On being a world class service airport! You see, Nicholas immediately walked out of the staff gate via T2 baggage area after the offloading was settled. So I really cannot fathom where is the "see what he can do after we go out of the airport". He even raised his hands up in triumph at T2 Baggage claim after finishing his offload for us, as if to hint to us that finally these trouble makers would be off his tail.

    I can understand that his job is just to handle the administrative aspect of the offloading for us and he does not need to do anything to assist us. What I am trying to portray to Scoot is, shouldn't the airport staff be taught how to display empathy and also never to PROMISE anything to passenger if you have no intention to carry it out! If CAG feels that we are maligning the reputation of Changi Airport, I believe you can view the footage of the CCTVs when Nicholas was handling us. I believe that you should be able to get a good view of him "swapping the flies" in the air with his hand gestures!

    Changi Airport, please do something about the maintenance of your skytrain. We were at T3 A gate to take skytrain to T2 F gate. The system keeps repeating "The skytrain is delayed due to operational reasons". We went to intercom to try and understand how long the situation is going to take, but the person on the other line could only reply that he is not sure of the problem and had already informed the Airport Police. My god! Inform the police for a skytrain break down? I really don't see the connection. Are they coming to fix the train? What is more, Nicholas and the operator both said one thing in common, that they are getting the police to come and resolve problems in airport. However, from the start to the end of the episode, I did not see a single policeman coming! CAG, I believe that you would have a log of how long the skytrain broke down if you do not believe in what I said. Your "efficient" skytrain is one of the most crucial factor that allowed us to have a taste of "Marathon in Changi from A to F gate" and also to miss a flight and experienced such "wonderful" staff service throughout the airport.

    I really pray hard to God that the next encountering passenger of the same situation as us would not be a foreigner because I really cannot bear the thought of our Singapore GDP suffering a setback due to such a traumatic experience for a tourist.

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