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Fredericksburg, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 540-710-7525

My husband and I went into the Mattress Warehouse located at Central Park in Dec. 2011, we purchased a Serta Icomfort Revolution mattress and a twin mattress for our day bed. During the purchase of our Serta Icomfort we were told that we had a money back guarantee and if it was not the right mattress for us we could come back and either re select or get a refund. .
Upon bringing the mattress up to our bedroom they literally folded the mattress in half and this led to it due to the nature of the foam and gel, started to get extremely lumpy and could not be slept on. We contacted Mattress Warehouse and were told that we had to keep it for thirty days and then we could come back in.
We did finally go back in and this time because it was closer to our home we ended up at the Cosner's Corner store and spoke with the then manager Derrick.
During our conversation with Derrick he recommended the Simmons Apex NXG mattress. We expected that he knew what he was talking about and took his recommendation.
When the mattress was delivered to our home the delivery company had a difficult time with it due to the particulars of the staircase in our home. While trying to bring the Simmons mattress up to our bedroom they broke a ceiling fan and a window blind in the process. Once the mattress was in our bedroom I went up to check on things and found that they had broken the ceiling fan above our bed. What really blew my mind was that they proceeded to lie about it and when I stated I was going to call Mattress Warehouse they tried to stop me from doing that. I called my husband up to the room a and they proceeded to converse in spanish about what to do so we would not understand. Unfortunately taking conversational spanish in h.s. and college I understood it all. Then they would not leave my home after causing so much damage to it. We then were contacted by the delivery company and they agreed to pay $200.00 which I guess was the payable price for destroying a ceiling fan and window shade.
Once we began to sleep on the Simmons mattress every morning was an extreme effort to get up without extreme pain. We had originally told been told by Derrick that if this mattress did not work for us it could come back for a refund or exchange. When we went back into the Cosners Corner store we spoke with Derrick and Christian who was now the manager at this store and were told they had known of problems with this mattress before. We were then told that nothing had ever been said about this mattress coming back for a refund (it does state that there are no refunds, but we were told that like our Serta mattress it could come back). We have since learned from speaking to a Simmons representative that there indeed is a comfort guarantee with this product although it was never offered to us.
Needless we were made to go through a warrranty process and every minute we had to spend on this bed was sheer agony for myself and my husband who had spent five, months in a halo vest due to a severe fracture of his cervical spine which could have left him paralyzed from the neck down.Once we promptly submitteed the required paperwork for the warranty claim back to mattress warehouse it was at least another two weeks, before they had a company called Mattress Marshals come out to inspect and indeed verify there was a problem with our mattress (which of course they found out there was). I believe I was calling quite frequently to check status as every night spent on that mattress was extreme agony for my husband and started to require frequent assistance from the doctor, chiropractor etc... . I really do not believer that they cared one bit and I believe that we were made to wait because we were perceived to have caused trouble.
We did finally receive our answer and much to my surprise we were given an amount of appr. $1941.00 and change for our mattress to go in and select a new one. Never, mind the fact that we had not even had it for little more than a month when we contacted them with the problem. I have also since contacted Simmons and other bedding stores and no one seems to know why this happened.
My husband and I did not know what we were going to do and we felt completely ripped off. Fortunately for us by a chance we ended up contacting Sleepys mattress store and were given a potential solution to our problem.
We were offered an option of buying a new mattress from them and they would take our old one and give us an amount that we could put towards the new one.
It seems almost ridiculous that a different mattress store would give us more back than the store that we purchased it from.
We have also contacted Simmons to see if they could help us and were told that unless we wanted to have the exact same mattress once again or buy another mattress from Mattress Warehouse they could not help us in any way.
FInally after realizing that neither the mattress manufacturer nor the store and its company were going to help or do what was right, we gave and finally stopped allowing ourselves to be tortured both physically and emotionally and took the Sleepys offer and purchased our tempurpedic mattress. Unfortunately due to all facts here we lost almost $600.00 in our sale that we now know will never be returned to us in anyway.

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