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I went to visit Shoprite at Hillbrow Johannesburg with my girlfriend to do our shopping for the festive season, we arrived at around 8:30pm, we quickly grabbed a troly, then as we were ready to psy we proceeded to the tills, and all the girls on the tills stsrted to complain when they saw our trolly as it was filled up then one of them apperantly hrloed us.after that there was a 12kg flour which wasnt in good condition then a helpfully security guy helped to get the other one which was in good condition, but when he ccame back none of the girls on the tills wanted to help us snd there was one of the ladies who really gave us hard time snd she wasnt willing to listen to us ss clients but she went on snd called us names I m very disappointed and angry st Shoprite staff they have no respect for the people who pay their salaries, instead dhe indulted us until her manager intervened, I m typing this email seeking for an apology from that person and we personaly feel your staff need proper training on how to treat their clients.. I left my flour there and I want shoprite to callme and solve this matter cause I will definitely take it further. . We passed all the other stores and chose to buy at Shoprite and that is the service we get. Its unacceptable I will never buy at Hillbrow Shoprite I will never allow your staff to insult me yet I'm paying my money. .. and worse part even when the manager intervened they still had an attitude about sorting out our problem that's why we left our flour. I purchased for R1680 wich I would have gone to a store that values my time, money and appreciates me as a client. I'm very angry

Dec 23, 2014

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