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I went to Shoprite Phumulani mall, when I get to the point of sale I asked the cashier that can I withdraw R80, they told me ( with attitude ) that they don't have it and looked away as if I'm rubbish infront of them. I then asked them again hoping that they come up with a solution " I only have R80 in my card what should I do now? They just told me go to another till meaning I should go and que again, This whole thing didn't sit well with I went to the Manager and complain, Managers apologized and try to get a person who assist me, when I get to that lady I was told that I can't withdraw because the card I was using it's written Mr on it, I then explain that the card it's for my son he's a minor he's only 7 years old, I'm then the one who can get access to the card until he turn 16, then I was told that I can't be assisted.

May 16, 2017

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