Shoprite / customer service

First time visit and experience at Shoprite Zeerust was on the 27th february 2016, the visit thing it was a busy weekend for the store operated with 6 tills while the queues where crazy. i stood on the queue for over 45min and got pressed, went to the branch manager (Lucas) and asked if i can use the toilet, he just said he does not have a public toilet and i used go use one at the nearby garage.

Was offended cause the shop its not in a shopping mall where one can go and use public toilets, firstly i do not know the town and i'm a customer to shoprite don't know why the manager does not go an extra mile for the customers.

In work with people and know the important of clients at my workplace and was so shocked to get an " I DON'T CARE ATTITUDE" from the branch manager.

I'm pleading to Mr Basson to look at the treatment we get from the stores, i believe that companies are spending a lot of money to take staff on customer service training but still they fail to give that to customers.

Mar 01, 2016

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