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Shop NBC / Credit Card, Value pay

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I have been a loyal customer for years and have purchased thousands and thousands of dollars of watches from them, but never again!!!. I have bought items in a single payment and some using value pay. Shop NBC called me 6 months ago saying that they could not charge my card for the scheduled value pay. It was a simple exp issue I corrected the credit card information with the new exp date then I was told everything was fine. The value pays in my account were being debited from my card as scheduled after the correction. I continued ordering watches and paying them off in full or some value pay just like normal. I then received a collections notice a few weeks ago from Oliphant Financial saying that I owed SNBC $129.99 for a Renato watch that I had thought I paid off months ago. I called them up to find out what was going and why I was sent to collections. OF told me point blank that ShopNBC is known to send people to collections without ever giving them notice of any kind and were actually sympathetic to my situation. There support manager Mari Lacopetti told me that “SNBC regularly screws people over when it comes to credit card charges if your 1 day over the 30 days they’ll send you to collections”. She was the one to tell me to check my bank account to see if ShopNBC debited that particular value pay sure enough they didn’t. During that call 6 months ago when I was on the phone with the SNBC Rep about my card issue they said everything was fine and my payment would be debited with the new CC info. On there website everything looked fine as-well and my value pay’s were being paid on time. I called SNBC to let them know what had happened and to correct there mistake. To my amazement there rude customer service person said it was my responsibility to make sure that particular payment was made during that time. Well hello I made the correction right there on the spot with there Rep, but according to them the updated information was only applied to my future value pays pending. I offered to pay the value pay right there and then with SNBC, but was told to pay OF so I did that same day thinking everything was ok now with SNBC. I had not ordered anything from SNBC for a while, but when I tried to order another watch my account was, put on hold status because of that collections notice from OF. OF said that they sent SNBC proof that I paid them off SNBC said they didn’t have any record of it. So I called OF to resend SNBC there notice they did. Funny thing is that until I brought the collection notice from OF to SNBC attention SNBC had let me order new watches from them even though I was 6 months late on that particular value payment. Moral of my story is BE AWARE!!! When dealing with Shop NBC they are wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m a business owner have great credit, pay all my bills on time, and never been treated like a criminal until today. After spending thousands of dollars buying SNBC merchandise over the years to be treated in such a rude and unprofessional manner by there customer service reps was shocking. I am sure my story will not be the first or last Shop NBC you should be ashamed of yourselves. As to all you customers out there that will run into this problem be ready to deal with some nasty reps. Write down names, times, dates, ph# ext, etc. You are going to need it just in case you want to take them to court.

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  • Sk
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    And they wonder why they are just about bankrupt!

  • Sh
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I've been a loyal customer with shop NBC since they started. I'm so mad at what they did to me this week i'm NEVER spending my money there again. Over the 15 plus years I have been a customer I have purchased thousands of dollars of items. My account was never late and I had very few returns- (if I did return something it was because the item looked better cause they use better on air jewelry samples it seems). I eagerly awaited their electronics show because I was going to purchase a LED 42in tv for my birthday. Which I could only do using their value pay payment method. I ordered online -everything seemed fine- credit went through, got reciept and estimated delivery date. Then a few days later I was checking to see if they had shipped it yet and my account was flagged with a phone # for me to call them- The phone # they gave is only 9-5pm no weekends and since I got the message on Friday I had to wait- The girl who answered was very snippy and informed me that I would no longer be able to use their value pays on any future items- but she wouldn't say why! thinking this was a mistake because I am an excellent customer of top standing with over 15 years of loyal buying from them- I assumed it was some silly mix-up. So, I asked why that was and I proceeded to tell the girl that Never in all my thousands of hours of viewing Shop NBC did I ever see a show host state that the value pays were not available to everyone. My credit is great, My card was not close to being maxxed out so, I asked why on earth would I no longer be able to purchase items by value pay? She told me that I needed to build up my account with them- I was dumbfounded- build up my account I screamed at her- I've been a friggin customer for over 15 years!!! how long do they expect me to "build up my account?" I was such a good customer that they even used my comment review I had made on Tiffany lamps as an on air testimonial!!!- I just happened to be watching when the host read it- after that EVERYTIME I placed an order I was asked if I wanted to speak live with the host, I assumed because they liked my review so much- I always declined because of shyness. Anyways- none of that mattered when it came to the value pays- I was told in a huffy voice that any future orders I should make would have to be paid in full-I told her well, there won't be any future orders, because if this is how you treat a loyal customer- i'm finished spending money with your company and I'm going to tell everyone about your lousy practices!- To top it all off they delivered the TV a day earlier, when I wasn't home because they said it was going to be delivered the next day, and it was raining- they use UPS who left it on my front steps without even a plastic covering over it- after I had told them not to leave it if I wasn't home! This is the second expensive TV they left on my steps -anyone could come by and steal it! pass it on to everyone-they are lousy. Boycott Shop NBC

  • Co
      16th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    only complain about ShopNBC is when ever you asked them if they receive your returned item, they always tell u to call customer service and customer service never once spoke with the real person, its always automated machine and i am tired sitting and waiting for an answer specially if they charge you the same item twice with value pay. that is why never order any other items such as electronic devices nor lamps once again i ordered jewelry they always put in beauty tools even these was return still getting charge 2 of 6 knowing that its return for refund "why" these is the only shopping network that doesn't reply or when your statement is mailed to you there should be a note saying that it has been deducted to your account, But they still continue to bill you every month, I strongly agree what these persons comments:

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