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We attended a time share presentation and did not wish to buy their product. One of the lures to attend the presentation was "A Hawaiian Holiday."

This was through an agency called Holiday Travel of America, based in Carlsbad, CA. They requested a fee of $100 as a "tax deposit". Well, they cashed my check back in March of 2007, and so far I have never had this agency contact me.

When I contact them, I only hear that "at this time the dates that you have chosen are unavailable." I would not trust anything Shell Vacation Club promises due to this experience of mine.

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  • Do
      Sep 20, 2008

    Hello guys Please JOIN my Facebook Group called. ..I bet i find 10, 000 People that hate Shell Vacations Time Share! It is time that People out there find out what a rip off and scam Shell Vacations is! Lets find all the people and join the board so the Internet itself will spread the word across the U.S and let the truth SHINE!

    Here is the link to my group.

    The Group is called
    I BET I FIND 10, 000 People that HATE Shell Vacations Club Time Share!

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  • Pa
      Sep 28, 2008

    Me and my husband went to one of these presentations, which was suppose to last 45 minutes. It lasted about 2 hours. Then when we decided to not sign up, we were told to sit and wait for our "voucher to Hawaii", Well they came up with another offer for us, and unfortunatley, we did sign up for some amount of "Points".
    When we got to the vacation spot in Hawaii, it was a dump!! Not "steps" to the beach, not very clean, and was very old. Very disapointing! (Nothing is for free) We ended up going to the Westin paying hundreds per night, and this was for our Aniversary.
    And when we do call to spend our points on a resort, there are none available when we want to reserve one!
    Then getting those so called up-date meeting calls, they are very annoying, promising yet another trip somewhere. NO THANK YOU Shell Vacations!!

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  • Ga
      Dec 22, 2008

    the facebook group is gone, i m so sad with that, we need to keep fighting with them.
    need more people to stand up together and get stronger. shell vacation victim please join my communite forum at

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  • Je
      Feb 02, 2009

    Shell Vacations Club is a RIP OFF.

    We need more people to stand up together and get stronger. shell vacation victim please join my communite forum at

    Why would someone pay $400 a night with Shell Vacations Club points when you can stay at the same Hotel for $150 by booking with Expedia or other website. The economy is in real bad shape and we should let current owner NOT TO PURCHASE MORE POINTS AND MAKE SURE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT GET SCAMMED ON THIS RIP OFF.
    Do not get fooled by FAKE positve comments made by Shell Vacations employees. Read what current pissed owners have to say about.

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  • Th
      Apr 10, 2009

    I sent an email to Holiday Travel of America and requested my deposit BACK - got it within 3 weeks!! Remember that this was just a "deposit"

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  • Be
      Jun 24, 2009

    shell is not the only timeshare co that uses holiday travel for their gifts, if you didn't follow the instructions right on the cert (which they should point out but don't) you won't get the free trip. As far as the accomodations, any free gift from a timeshare co is in a dumpy hotel...why would you use that for a special occasion like an anniversary???

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