Shell Vacation ClubDeceitful sale

My wife and I attended a fair and by a sales person we were told we would get a free trip by just attending a meeting. One week later we did just that .We purchase a time share and when we realize our mistake it was too late. Everyone who we contact would not help us in canceling the contract. We told them we were misled and they don't believe us. We've only had this timeshare 1 month when we started calling them and now it's been 3 months. We have been e-mailing their CEO (Mr Ginsburg ) and their president ( Ms Sherles ) they will not help either. We are stuck with a timeshare that we cannot afford or will not use. We need help in getting this cancel. We have not use the so-called free gifts or the timeshare. The sales people lied to us and we don't want it. If anyone knows any former employees who could share the deceitful training that this company uses to get people to sign on the dotted line, please e-mail us. We are looking into a class action law suit to get our money back. Time shares may be for some people, but it's not for us. We could be reached at [protected], Thank you and have a happy holiday as for us the Grinch stole our Holiday season.

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