Shell / service at 1430 n 1st st., hermiston, or

Hermiston, OR, United States

I'd stopped in to get fuel Sunday, January 29, 2017 at few minutes past 5:00 pm. I'd pulled in to the station and the first pump had a cone, indicating it was out of service. I pulled to the next pump, and a vehicle whipped off the street and abruptly pulled in front of the pump I was going to and cut me off. It was two young teenage girls. She was aligned better with the pump because of her aggressive driving. (That being said, the attendant had to stretch the hose to its length to reach her fuel cap.) The other driver kept indicating for me to get out of her way. I did not. The attendant (a man, late 40s, overweight, and needing a shave) went to the other vehicle and waited on her, without regard I was there first. He'd seen the whole thing because he had been fueling two vehicles on the other side of the pumps. He was laughing with them while the driver was gesturing towards me and the driver, passenger, and attendant looked my way. While she was getting her fuel, both the driver and passenger were taking my picture, and when the fuelling was completed, she aggressively backed up, rolled her window down and was screaming obscenities while "gesturing" with her middle finger. When I mentioned to the attendant that I'd been there first, he shrugged his shoulders. Not even an apology.

I am over 60, and worked as a Motor Vehicle Examiner for the State of Oregon for over two decades. I know aggressive driving.

I will not be back. This is not the first time I've had issues with Shell, but will likely be my last. When a dumpy unkept man (attendant) chooses to flirt with young girls rather than even addressing me when I'd been there first, well, I don't need that and the station apparently doesn't want my business, either.

I'm sure nothing will come of this, if you even contact the station, but I needed to vent. Customer service used to be important. It saddens me to see that it isn't something that is important to most businesses any longer. Yes, I remember when we fueled our vehicles, it was at a service station! The attendant checked the oil, tire pressure, washed the windows, and all this with polite, respectful service with a smile. So sad those days are gone. But I digress! No, I will not do business with this business again, and more than likely, any Shell Station. It was a very distasteful experience, and as I previously stated, it wasn't the first.

Thank you for your time.

Jan 29, 2017

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