Shellowner disrespectful and threatening

I stopped by Shell gas station on 27 E Main St Westborough MA 01581 to cash in some winning scratch lottery tickets. I had a handful of tickets and was unsure all of them were winners. I asked the person behind the counter if he could check to see if they were winners or not. He informed me he could not because if one was not a winner it would shut his machine down. I stepped to the side and went through the tickets to confirm which ones were winners. When I was looking at the tickets he said they probably are NOT winners as I got them from the trash. I was shocked and surprised he would say or imply I had dug into trash to find lottery tickets. I handed over the winners and after scanning 3 or 4 he all of a sudden went nuts. He said that I gave him a non winner and it shut his machine down and I cost him money. He handed over $7 and told me to get the F out.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Westborough, MAI asked him what he was talking about and he said I had told him that I got these from the trash and that I intentionally gave him a non winning lottery ticket. I informed him that that was rude and that why would he make those accusations. I told him I didn't get them fro the trash and that I have had these for a long time, in fact some of them have yet to be scratched. He then said he had the tape and would call the police. I asked him why? for what? He became very angry and started using obscenities and threatened me. He walked out with me to my car and took down my license plate and said he will be calling the police. I asked him who the owner was, and he said he was! I said that it must be a franchise and I would be contacted Shell as this behaviors was unprofessional and strange. He said he was independent owner and Shell can't do anything. Regardless I will never be spending money or filling up my Range Rover at this establishment.

May 08, 2017

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