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Shell / manager

1 New Orleans, LA, United States

I was parked on the side of the Shell gas station in New Orleans. On the corner of Franklin Avenue and Sage street. I believe the address to the station is 3400 Franklin Avenue. As I was sitting there using my phone and trying to locate money in my purse someone pulled up behind me and started honking. Wasn't sure what it was about but then she got out her car and approached mine. While she was walking up I rolled my window down and said, "I'm so sorry is this a driveway?" Because I was thinking maybe it was and she needed to pull in. Then she proceeded to tell me she needed to park there to go into work and when I asked her why she couldn't park in the other 4 or 5 spaces next to me she said because it was for handicap. Which wasn't the case for all 4 of them spots. Only 2 of them were. Then she was giving me such attitude and saying she had been honking and honking, and I told her that I didn't know she was honking at me and how was I supposed to know why she was honking. Then she said fine you don't want to move, you'll regret it and pulled her car up so close that she was touching my back bumper with the front of her car. Then she got back out and I said that I can't move my car if you're parked behind me unless you want me to hit it. Then she proceeds to bang on my car and tell me that I would be sorry if I hit her car, so I said then move it, which she didn't. So then she kept her car trapping mine in and standing outside my window while occasionally yelling at me and banging on my car so I had to call the police. She held me there hostage for about 45 minutes accusing me of being a liar and being there to buy drugs. Which was ridiculous considering I called the police. I don't know why someone trying to buy drugs would want to call any attention and they definitely im sure wouldn't call the police. So not only was she calling me names and accusing me of horrible things, she was threatening me and holding me there against my will. She said she was the manager of the location and I find it appalling and disgusting that this is the type of customer service that she thinks is appropriate. What would she have done if I wasn't in my car? If I was inside already? As an employee I would think she would leave the close spots for the customers and she should park elsewhere or at least have the courtesy to be kinder to someone who was trying to give y'all business. Needless to say after the cops came and forced her to move her car, I left and did not give y'all any business and will be definitely telling everyone I know not to go there because that type of service, I don't want anyone I know to be subjected to that type of abuse and behavior. I did not take photos or videos as I was too scared to even get out my car or roll my window down after she started threatening me. But I'm sure if y'all have cameras at the location, you can look it up and see what happened.

Nov 18, 2016

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