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I stop by this specific gas station every morning on my way to work and one of the managers (a older women short and short brown hair) Is so completely rude and I am more than pissed off. She talks to people like garbage and does not act like a manager should. Very disappointed. I was parked in the walk way to the front entrance and the gas pumps. I could not move because there was a Semi Truck behind me that was trying to move and I was waiting for the person that was with me (who may I add was literally walking out the door) and the manager on duty was walking into the store and proceeded to throw her hands up and yell at me telling me to "get the hell out of the walk way" as proceeded to move forward as much I could and stopped because the person i was with was getting in my vehicle she started yelling at me again, when I started getting extremely irritated and yelled back she started screaming and started walking back towards the store and called me what looked like the word "b[censor]". Every time I come in and she is working in the morning (prior to this incident) She has been nothing but rude, I have even said "Thank you so much, Have a wonderful day" and she says nothing back and throws my stuff around on the counter. Being someone that has worked in costumer service my whole working career and being a supervisor I find it very disappointing and astonishing that someone who holds a title "Manager" can speak to her customers the way that she does. I do understand why this store only has 2 stars instead of 5. The store is located 9611 AUTO CENTER DR, ELK GROVE, [protected] and the phone number is [protected]. Unfortunately I did not catch her name. But the Customer Service that is being provided at this store is unexceptionable and she is not someone I would want representing my company. I have read some of the reviews and seems like she is a recurring issue and is not acceptable. It should be taken care of. I would like someone to contact me ASAP. [protected] my email is sam.[protected] I am very upset and will not being returning and giving Shell my business until this is taken care of. So so disappointed.

Nov 17, 2017

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