Shellcredit/debit machine and atm

An Jan 13, 2014 Alta

My company buys the majority of our gas for our service trucks at this location, for the past 5 years. While I was there I went in to buy lunch. The debit/credit card machine was not functioning. I was unaware of this until I was at the counter ready to pay. There was no sign posted. The people behing the register and the cashier told me that I could use the ATM to get cash to pay for it. The ATM charges $2.50 if you do not use that bank. I do not.
I told them that they should post the machine is not working so others would know of the inconvience, instead of telling them after they are ready to pay. The cashier said they would restart the machine and sometimes that would help. She then turned around and asked the person behind the register if she wanted to smoke since she was done. Very rude.
I found out from a co-worker, when I mentioned how rude the cashier was, that the machine had been down since the previous Friday, it is now Monday. And no sign had been posted. I will be going to the other gas station in town to fill up the trucks.

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