Sheetzm.t. no! made to go products

I stopped into Sheetz today to grab some lunch and I picked up a Made-To-Go wrap. It SAYS Bistro Chicken Salad Wrap but what I actually received was a flour tortilla with lettuce in it. There was hardly any chicken salad at all. In fact, the wrap was primarily made up of wrap and lettuce ONLY. Not to mention the lettuce was old and wilted.
I am VERY disappointed. With places like Wawa making premium made to go items, Sheetz just looks like a joke. This isn't the first time I have gotten something MTGo from Sheetz and was extremely disappointed.
I really want my money back because $3.99 for what I got is ridiculous. Sheetz needs to upgrade their Made To Go case. In my opinion, it should be completely overhauled. Or just stop trying. Seriously. Date: 5/2/17 @ 12:30pm Store#: 345


May 02, 2017

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