Sheetzcustomer service/coupons

I purchased a sub from my local sheetz, Ben Franklin Indiana pa. It's been almost two weeks now, I picked up my order and went home it was very late. Around 12am. I had gotten a full sub BLT, and my partner had gotten a full chicken sub, and we got an appetizer. The service was nice when we came in we did the online so it was ready paid and left. The sandwichs were burnt beyond possible. It was so bad I couldn't eat it like I couldn't bite it period. I was very upset because I was starving as we had been busy all night and I'm pregnant. Easy way to avoid dishes and hassle late at night. Long story short I called the sheetz once I had already made it home opened the sandwich and was upset. They wanted me to drive back which I live a decent bit away and it was very late and I had work at 6am. At this point I would just liked them to take my name so I could pick it up another day. But they couldn't do that and insisted on sending me coupone. I never recieved any coupons. Nothing. I paid $17 for my food and wasted my money by far and wasn't refunded; wasn't given any coupons nothing.

Dec 11, 2018

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