Sharaf Dg/bold 9900 / lcd display

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I bought a white color blackberry bold 9900 from Sharaf DG store, Deira city center for 2499 dh 2 years back.LCD display of the phone started flickering after few months of usage.Then a permanent horizontal line showed up on the display(2 lines).As my phone was under warranty i took the phone for service and they told they will replace the LCD display but it will take 14 working days.And i got it replaced and all of a sudden i started to get new problem with my touch display.when i am on a call the phone will be put to hold and dial another number from contact problem was when i try to take a contact for dialing or try to open an app the display scrolls up and down automatically not allowing me to select anything on the display.I could nt give as it was not under warranty.soon my display started to pop out from different areas on the display.after few weeks the white dispaly almost came out and i could see only hard sticky glue on the display, i could see everything on the screen.but the white screen came out, so i took it to a mobile store so that i could change the display if it was gone faulty and out of my surprise the technician told that it was not faulty but my white phone had a black touch LCD display and a white screen was stuck on top of it to show that it was a white display.But i told that i bought from a reputed store in UAE and it could not be, so the technician showed me a new 9900 LCD touch display and i came to know that i was cheated by replacing a black display on a white phone.Now i am using it with a black display.As per the instruction of the technician i used a solvent for removing the glue.But i was cheated but replacing a black display.

Sharaf Dg/bold 9900
Sharaf Dg/bold 9900

Jan 2, 2015

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