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ServiceMagic.Com / Awful experience

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We have been unhappy with Servicemagic for sometime and have mentioned to them about how their service has gone down over the last couple of years. We had a lead sent to us and have had others that were not valid yet they charge our card. In this case we asked for a refund as we were closing this account and a replacement would not work. They refused. I spoke with a CSR, she said she could not, I spoke with her manager, same story, I spoke with his manager Mike and he refused and threaten to send the $13 to collections and said he would not refund it. He even went as far to say that you tried to call the number (which is not valid) so you attempted to get the business. After trying to explain that we were not interested in a lead replacement and were canceling our account. He then hung up on me.

This is a scam service, BEWARE. If they will not refund $13 imagine the leads that some contractors have to pay that are $50, 60 or more. Servicemagic does not verify information. They go to 411. They need to be held accountable for their lack of service and costing contractors/people money.

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  • Je
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I disagree strongly with this post. We have been a Servicemagic referred contractor for well over 5 years. Yes, sometimes we do not get the job because another company got to the client first or the client went with someone cheaper. But, we understood that as a possibility right up front.
    They DO check to be sure that our licensing, bonds, etc are in force every year.
    If the lead turns out to be not qualified, they have always credited us for them. A very few have been in the gray area and, again, we understand this is a possibility ( Some "clients" are just fishing to see how the system works, etc)
    Servicemagic is an excellent referral source, if you act on the referral as soon as it comes in. We are fortunate that we have a full time office manager that can jump on the leads. We get a Fax, an email and a phone call with every lead.

  • Da
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    this company is a sales driven company, all they care about is contractors money, im sure you could save more money if you got someone to design you a webpage and then call the major search engines and see how mcuh it is to be at the top of the list will more than likely save you time, money, and your sanity

  • Bo
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    Jerry, you're wrong. They're dishonest thieving ###. I won't bother to go into detail. That's all anyone needs to know about ServiceMagic.

  • Ju
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    As a customer of SM I think it`s a rip off. Once I also heard from a couple of people who have worked at my house how the system works I can see how it`s a rip off for contractors also. One contractor kept calling and calling and I later found out these guys just want this lead fee or something. I felt bad for the guy bcz SM completely led him astray about what I needed. They led a whole bunch of contractors wrong for a project I needed as a disabled person. The person at SM had no idea what the hell he was doing but tried to be the biggest arrogant person and belittle me like I didn`t know what I needed and I was the person asking for it. I knew EXACTLY what I needed and he was the idiot. After transfering me to 4 people I just hung up. I also learned that certain colored stars I think, in the customer rating section mean your commenting as an outsider(like a friend or family of the business) or your a legitimate cust. commenting. That make a huge diff. You could have your friends or yourself using a false name and email address, commenting what a great comp. they are and great cust. svc. they have. I had a landscape comp. come and theyhad no idea what they were doing. NONE AT ALL!!! After the boss left the workers told me this was par for the course for this business. They just fly by the seat of there pants at every job. The crew also didn`t understand why they got so much work bcz no one really knows what there doing. However, the guy that comes out is the HUGEST BSer, LIER and pumps you up full of great info. about there comp. and how informed they all are and educated in specific areas, yet when I would ask diff. workers or this guy who was part owner a specific question no one had an answer. They were also doiing landscaping work. My yard looked like ### AND TEHM SOME when they got done. They actually showed up with only part of the equip. they needed and didn`t know what to do. They had no idea they were doing landscape work. They had no idea were the sprinkler heads were suppose to go. I asked if they were suppose to follow a drawing? The workers said, nope, we just guess! They had no idea I had 20 plus plants to plant, underground existing wire not to chop up which ended up getting chopped up and took 2 weeks to fix and chopped my yard up more instead of fixing it theminute they cut it. I could go on but it just makes me mad. They want the other 1/2 of there payment but, the sprinkler heads are crooked and the rest of the work where they ruined areas that weren`t worked on but were disturbed by there hack work, still aren`t put back together and fix the existing landscape work they ruined. This is just a horror job. I was going to have them plow snow this winter but I`m fearful there snow plow driver will take out the fence along my driveway, or all the shrubs along the driveway or smash into my vehicle. Then they`ll have some lame excuse to try and get out of it.
    I did go to one of the owners Facebooks page and look at some of his content. Had I done that before I hired him there is no way absolutely no way I would have hired it. He is a severe drunk and a grose pig. No wonder he couldn`t remember anything I told him, he was probably coming off of a big drunk every morning. He had nasty videos I would never ever post on any web page ever. I have learned my lesson. Search more than just the other cust. comments. Then you`ll get to learn more about who your really dealing with. Thank God I never let him in my house. I am young and feel he may have tried to sexuallytried to take advantage of me. Even his business emails were a bit sketchy when I would email him a quick question. Folks do good research when hiring someone, especially is your home alone and a female. Now I don`t know where to go to, to find to loyal, trustworthy, hardworking and good trades people to work on my house. Karen, Twin Cities, MN

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