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So far I have been very unhappy with Select Blinds. First of all when I received my blinds they were already dirty. Not a good sign, but I decided I'd accept it since I it was on the outside and I would never see it. Then when I went to install them, none of them fit. They were all too big. I called customer service. The number on their site for claim, didn't work, but the other number did. I spoke to customer service she explained to take a close up picture, which I did and sent it to them. A week later, I heard nothing, so I called again the one phone number didn't work. Then I spoke to someone else, who told me that the factory hardly ever makes mistakes and I needed to send more pictures. They way they said it, made me feel like they thought I was lying or something. I took 6 photos per blind and resent it to them. Since I spoke to them yesterday, I wanted to call to confirm they received them, but now neither phone number on their site is working. I am very concerned and disappointed by this company. There have been so many good reviews, so I wanted to be sure everyone knew about my bad experience

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