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Select Portfolio Servicing
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SPS is worse than fairbanks. and they have all these states hoodwinked into thinking that they are helping customers stay out of foreclosure with these 90 day 'stays'. i am now getting an attorney because they violated just about every term and condition of the settlement back in 2003. they are supposed to be open 7am-8pm EST monday through friday. well guess what they don't open til 7am MST which is 9am EST! and they are supposed to have staffed at all times a dedicated phone number for disputes-its a recording. the list is endless and now i am looking at circling the wagons for national class action suit. contact the press in your area your state senators your governors office and the FTC. there is a myspace account set up for victims of sps. time to take these same people that allowed fairbanks to run amuk down.
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A  2nd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Select Portfolio Servicing (AKA Fairbanks Credit/Credit Suisse) is actually run by crooks who prey on unfortunate home owners by forcing foreclosure on them. This is how it works: When they foreclose on you they buy back these houses at $1.00 from the government and they get to write off the entire balance you owed as bad debt (therefore tax credits). Therefore to open everyone’s eyes I must say it is a win-win for them when the house is foreclosed as there are no potential buyers they are guaranteed to keep the house at no cost plus whatever you have paid them made them millions already. This is exactly what the investors waited for all this time. When these guys get to keep your house for $1.00 they can rent it by themselves and make tremendous money just by doing so. Not to mention when the economy turns around these guys will flip the houses left and right for million percent profits. Makes Sense?? Banks are run by people & where money & future potential is involved people will do anything to get what they want.

I am very sorry for all of you guys as Select portfolio is the perfect company to work with for the crook banks as there is a legal loophole which says the servicer cannot do a loan modification as they only have the right to service them and bring the investor bank what the homeowners have signed for. It's a win-win for the banks and loose-loose for us.

To make a complaint with the FTC please call this number:1-202-326-2089 and we should all get together and file a class action lawsuit against both the lenders and Select Portfolio Servicing. Good luck to all.
A  19th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I found a site where people are starting to take action against SPS.That is what needs done.

N  15th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Actually, to make a complaint you should be calling 1-877-FTC-HELP, 1-877-382-4357. Response is faster.
A  27th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Select Portfolio is by far the biggest company of lying, cheating, no good sons of [censor]es. For over ten years they have ruined our lives. We have caught them in so many lies you can't count that high. We even had a sawed off runt come to our door and threaten our lives and threaten to do something to our house with us in it if we didn't pay them extortion fees that were on our bill every month for no reason. We tried to get an attorney but was told we needed ten thousand dollars for a retainer, we don't have that kind of money, so we took them on pro-sa.We lost our case(judge didn't know how to make a ruling) so we took it to the supreme court and won our appeal.Now, we get to start all over again. I'm not a violent man but I would love to have that sorry [censor] Matt Hollingsworth in my gun sites, that man told my wife and I that "Select admits to messing up and I personally will see that it's taken care of by clearing all fees and he would even make that months payment) LYING Sack of [censor]!!!And I would love if some one from select would try to sue me for what I'm saying I'll wait for ya...Still waiting ...still heeeere!!!
N  2nd of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Please go to Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud on Facebook to chat. We have info for Contimortgage victims that got Fairbanks/SPS too. Check out CFNTRUST.Com to see they liquidated and shut down the trust for Conti in bankruptcy. SPS bought servicing from the court so, check your mo'ly sttaements to see if they list themselves anywhere on it as DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY with a license number. There may be no loan note owners??? The trust got permission to destroy 40, 000 doc's of mortgage related info!!! Was your original loan in one of those boxes? Fight back USA!
A  2nd of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
PS You can sue them Pro Se(yourself as Attorney) if you can not afford an attorney! There are website coming up with videos and doc's to help you sue. Google Pro Se litigation Mortgages. There is one site in there very good based in Florida. Neil Garfield living lies site has forms, info, seminars, videos, and chat on what to do. Get learning!
N  28th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have tried for over two years to have my mortgage modified only to be told i needed to give them $5, 000.00. In good faith for the loan and only two days to do so.I to have had to do endless paperwork several times over and have been told different things each time we enquired. The best one was not to pay our credit cards till we reached a deal for modification which has led me to bankruptcy for the credit companys have gotten judgements against me.and still the best part is i can afford my mortgage and pay my cards but when your mortgage i$s 675, 000.00 and your home is only worth285, 000.00. And your still willing to stay but sps still wants.to.foreclose.CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN HOW THAT MAKES SENSE
A  8th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
My loan was assumed by SPS from BofA in September 2012. They sent me a letter saying it was $3600 in arrears. I immediately called them and sent them proof this was not even close to true. I sent their legal department bank statements backing the fact but they continued to report it 90-120days late. It took BofA over a year to sent the final $2264 of payments that I had made but these fools including Matt Hollingsworth, CEO, continue to ignore the fact it had never been over 30 behind and report it falsely. In October 2012 SPS started another modification and was complete except for the paper work in June 2012. Yet, as much as 6 months later they continue to show it 90-120 behind. These guys are worse than First Universal Lending that the FTC shut down several years ago for the exact same kind of violations.
A  16th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have been dealing with Select Portfolio since April 2013 after Chase transferred the loan to them. I fulfilled my obligation with Chase and Select Portfolio by paying over 3300.00 dollars. After providing Select Portfolio all the documentation they requested they still continue to find reasons stating that I’m behind one month. This is not even half of what I want to post. When thinking about all that I have been through with Chase and Select
Portfolio it causes me anxiety.
A  1st of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Been with SPS since 06. Nothing but problems. Have been trying to modify after becoming disabled. It has been 2 years of lies delays misleading answers lies and just plain ###. I would have been treated better going to a loan shark. Looking to join a class action suit
A  5th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
we need to come together and expose this chain of co- operation, fraudulent entity's they are backed by some of this judges, until we start by exposing some of them eg judge lynnn Hudges in the federal district court in Texas, he is a bias, careless, prejudice, inconsiderate, wicked without a human heart etc. his action in making a home owner and the families homeless regardless if there are children involve, he act as if he is the ceo of the banks and, we need to come together and conduct an investigation on him and his workers and pettion this judge that is misusing his office of authority for his remover from the office that he hold . we need a knowledgeable judge who has a good idea of the fraud that this banks/lenders /services are committing against us . we as the home owner of this great country, do not need any judge like this one mention above, we need to stop their conspiracy's to defrauded us the home owners or else they will continue to do this to us am ready, pls send pet ion am doing mine right now.we need to come together and fight for our right .
N  23rd of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Did anyone experience Select Portfolio keeping their Earnest Money while attempting to purchase a property? How about attempting to retrieve it and them only releasing one half of your money. We were forced to sign docs under detestable conditions. We lost $3, 000 and made to accept $500.

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