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I have had a Queen size bed (dual chamber) for 8 months now and coincidentally I have had a lower back problem and my girlfriend has a recurring kink in her upper back (behind the left Scapula). As a Police Officer it has made a negative impact on my daily job (I feel as if I am 90 years old and my movement has slowed dramatically). I find myself contemplating to pay a Chiropractor to fix me or get some serious muscle relaxers. My girlfriend is an E.R. Nurse and her kink has been affecting her at work by slowing her down. On her off days she has to take a muscle relaxer and see a Chiropractor.

I have spoken to the company and all they are willing to do is either:
1) switch out the dual chamber for a single chamber (which will make the bed feel more like a water bed since every movement will be felt by both parties) or
2) switch out the air compressor. ( how does the air compressor affect us... I have no idea).

The customer service is really good while your bed is in the 30 day trial, after that, you have to convince them over the phone that your having problems.
Example: I just spent 42 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep about the above problem. She then says that she will switch out the chambers but, because I am past the 30 day trial she can not do anything more (which is the polite way of saying " sorry sucker").

I should have done more research, now I am out $3000 and can't sleep more than 4-5 hours at a time in it.

If anyone reads this before buying a Sleep Number Bed just remember the phrase "BUYER BEWARE".

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  • El
      May 05, 2007

    I have the same problem. Just a little over 2 years and its so bad I'm looking at getting a different bed! It wasn't cheap. I wake up with worse back pain than I had before I bought this and in my neck, shoulders etc. I sleep so bad now I am tired all day. This is pure junk! They don't tell you that the warranty means you will be replacing parts every year! And paying for them. What a rip! Make money on the front end selling this cheap product and you'll know you will have customers for the products ongoing. Real smart. Throw this crook in jail.

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  • We
      Jul 08, 2007
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    I completely agree. I've only owned my Sleep Number bed for 5 years now. Most of the time I was somewhat happy with it... but not completely happy. I am now sleeping in a dip right in the middle which kills my back every night. I'd slept in the bed alone for about 4 years of that time, so it was never really an issue. Now that my partner and I are living together this is becoming such a problem we are looking at buying a new bed. I should have just made a pile of $3000 in the back yard and had a bon fire!!! That would have made more sense. Don't fall for the adjustment bit either... Once you find your number you set it and forget it. Just shop around for a good mattress that works for you. Avoid this bed!

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  • Ma
      Aug 22, 2007

    Our King pillowtop needed to be replaced. After several years, it had gotten a bit ragged and stained. I got a quote in August, 2006 for $481 to replace the pillowtop, plus shipping and handling.

    In August 2007, the pillowtop replacement had gone up 50% to $720.

    Buyer beware! This is not a company that deals with its customers with honesty and integrity.

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  • Co
      Aug 30, 2007

    My husband and I purchased the 7000 King Set a year and a half ago for $3,310.25. It seemed ok for a few months plus, we were still trying to dial in our ideal sleep numbers. Then the mattress started turning into a very expensive hammock! Even after filling the air chamber to 100%, there would still be a large scoop on each side of the bed where we had lain. I weigh 130lbs and my husband weighs 250lbs (thus the reason we tried the sleep number bed) yet my divest was just as bad as his.

    He called customer service and after a month long circus of trying to get the correct mailing labels from them, we sent the mattress topper back and they sent us a new one. It did not help the hummocking. Our $3,310.25 bed looked like something we'd bought at Big Lots 25 years ago! And in addition, the bed was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The hummocking causes pressure on my shoulders putting my arms to sleep constantly thought out the night and causes my husband back to hurt so badly, he gets up and sleeps in a recliner. We're just in our early 40's so it's not like we're already arthritic. The only semi comfortable spot on the bed is the little strip down the middle above the section that divides the air chambers. It's a king sized bed and we both can fit there!

    Anyway, I eventually sent in the comment card they give you at purchase complaining of our problems and marked the box that I wished to contacted. I never heard from them. I eventually called the store and asked for them to send a technician out to examine the bed to see what was wrong with it. I spoke with Debbie, the manager at the time. She said they did not have technicians to send out, "What do you expect me to do", she said, "close the store and come to your house myself?" I said no, of course not, but I did expect that there be technicians that could come to my house and insure the bed was functioning properly being I'd spent $3,310.25 on it which would be the case for most any other product in my home - a dishwasher, gas logs etc...I would have no problem getting each and every company I'd bought one of those products from to send out a service technician!

    She eventually told me to just call customer service. I called customer service and spoke with Alexia. She was very polite but the only solution she offered was for me to order additional pieces of foam to elevate the air chambers. This, of course, was not covered by the warranty. Sooooo for $44.00 I ordered the foam. We installed it and it did nothing to improve the problems with the bed (it was only about an inch thick.) Alexia, did mention while I had her on the phone that I could "go to Home Depot or somewhere and buy a new mattress topper for it" to which I replied, "Should I really have to do that after spending $3,310.25 for the bed!"

    My husband and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that we're "stuck" with an incredibly poor product for the money. We often just sleep in the guest bedrooms of our home to get a decent night's sleep or he retreats to the recliner.

    I'd like to just take the bed to the dump but we really can't afford to buy a new one right now. I'm concerned, however that it's damaging my shoulders. They are starting to pop and crunch from the constant tossing and turning and going numb. I am going to follow Alexia's recommendation and go spend another $150.00 today somewhere on an additional foam topper in hopes that it will improve the comfort of the bed long enough for me to get rid of it and purchase a Simmons Beauty Rest or something. Meanwhile, what a travesty! If I owned a business selling such expensive items, I'd want to stand behind them and be proud of the products I'd created. Evidently Select Comfort does not select to care.

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  • Sy
      Sep 14, 2007

    My husbsnd and I purchased a queen size Select Comfort sleep number bed about 5 1/2 years ago and we've had nothing but "achy breaky backs sholders & necks". I recently had to have Ulner nerve & Carpal tunnel surgery due to the numbness, aches, & pain that I developed in my back neck arm & hand while sleeping on this bed. I have to agree 100 % with all of you, this bed is not what we thought it would be. The bed just down right SUCKS and we all have been Ripped Off!!! Yes I am mad and hurting every day since we've purchased this bed. I am darn sick and tired of having to reorder over & over again replacement foam & hard noisy plastic boards to sleep on at night. I told one of the Customer service representative that I was tired of having to sleep on my floor & my guest bed rooms for a good night rest. And in addition to all this the initial cost of the bed we had to send them $48.00 which isn't a lot of money for replacement parts or maybe S & H fees. I just feel that since this thing had a 20 yr warranty on it I should't have to pay not one cent. I am very glad to know that my husband & I aren't the only ones that's been had on the purchase of a very expensive and sorry product.

    "Unhappy Select Compfort Customer"
    Mobile, AL

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  • Mr
      Oct 08, 2007

    We purchased our king-size Select Comfort Ultra bed ($1800) in 1998 and find it to be comfortable. We've had only one problem since then, a leaking air chamber that was replaced last year at a prorated cost of $59. Not bad for a nine year old product or so I thought.

    I called customer service today to inquire about puchasing a new zip-on, pillowtop mattress's nine years old, a little stained and worn. The owner's manual clearly states you must not launder or dryclean the cover. I felt a new cover would "freshen" the bed and it just might last 20 years (warranty).

    I was quoted a price of $ 720!!! The price included the foam side/end panels, which I don't need, but that's not an option. Take it or leave it! I chose to leave it. Shame on Select Comfort/Sleep Number for exploiting, what should be, their valued customers.

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  • Cr
      Oct 15, 2007

    My problem is slightly different. My wife and I like to keep the room Cool to Cold at night. The problem comes occurs when we get into the Cold bet set our ideal number by the time we get up in the morning the pressure in the bed is off by around 15. Duh should have thought of that before purchasing as cold air is less dense than warm air thus as your body heats up the bed the pressure changes.

    Should have stuck with a standard bed vs an overpriced over marketed air mattress.

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  • Dr
      Oct 24, 2007

    I just attended a convention in Dallas at a Radison that had sleep number beds (I was told Radisson gets the ones that are returned to the company as part of their 30 day trial). I was truly disappointed with the comfort and quality. It is like sleeping on a cheap air mattress. I spoke with at least 25 people that were conference attendees. I did not find one that liked the bed. They sure were looking at going home and sleeping on their own bed!

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  • Ki
      Nov 04, 2007

    I am 100% in agreement with how bad this bed is! I have never been so uncomfortable in my life! I wake up hurting every single morning! This bed was supposed to get rid of back pain but it's created a whole lot of new pains for me!!! Worst $1500 I have EVER spent! I want to drag this out to the curb for garbage pickup! I am more comfortable sleeping on our $300 futon!

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  • Ad
      Nov 05, 2007

    I was taken in by the movie star hype on how great a bed this is, so we went to the store and tested one and decided to purchase it. Received the bed and set it up and had to air up my side of the bed several times in the first 2 hours of trying to sleep on it. Finally took it back apart and put our old mattress back on the bed and as I was taking it apart I discovered a slit in the bottom of the side that was leaking that looked like a box blade had been pushed through it. This is the way it came from the factory. Then I found out I had to pay return shipping on it even though it was a factory defect. I received the bed on October 12. Packed it back in a box to return it on October 13th. Finally was able to obtain an RMA from the factory with the promise of prepaid shipping labels which I had to pay for. The bed was shipped out the same day I received the pre-paid labels and the shipment was received by Select Comfort on October 31. Today is November 5th and they still will not give me any information as to when they will credit the charge account they created with GE Money. From the rest of the complaints I have been reading on dis-satisfied customers, I am not very happy with the company or their product. I know they have you sign an agreement about their 30 day free trial, but I cannot believe that a person should have to pay the return shipping charges on a product that was faulty from the factory. I am highly concerned from the other bad reports I have read that I may never get them to issue me a return credit on the bed and I sure do not plan on paying for something that I do not have or have never been able to use.

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  • Be
      Nov 06, 2007

    I have a sleep number 9000 series and love it! I fall asleep soundly every night and wake up rip roaring ready to go every day. I find, however, like with anything if I am tired the next day it is due to an extrinsic factor such as partying or working too hard. I mean honestly it's a bed, not a miracle cure for all the problems in your life. I'm reading all the complaints above and can't see how the bed is causing back pain... I NEVER have back pain. I figure the majority of the people that are complaining about it have more than likely gone and bought a new bed that a) you can't adjust, b) you have to compromise on the firmness of the bed, c) you have to flip and rotate, d) you will hate within 3 years because a majority of the springs have broken down and fatigued and now your bed looks like a sleep number bed at a sleep number 10. Honestly I have looked at virtually every bed on the market from Dux beds to Tempurpedic and my sn is by FAR the most comfortable and most versatile. Hopefully this helps someone along the way. By the way I was just looking and Select Comfort has over 5.5 million owners.. I guess 11 complaints isn't so bad!

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  • Jo
      Jan 18, 2018

    @Benjamin Hum 11? Try 381 so far

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  • Jo
      Nov 07, 2007

    I too bought a $3000.00+ nightmare of a bed. We have a terrible sag to both sides of the bed and are at the point where we can no longer sleep in this bed. I called customer service about it and they told me it was normal wear and tear. Ya Right, they have got to be kidding. This bed was the biggest rip off of all time. I spent $500.00 on my previous bed and got over ten years of comfortable sleep but thru the advertisement for sleep number beds I was sucked into buying a bed I was told would out perform outlast, better comfort , more restful sleep,. etc. etc.etc. what a crock. Their should be a class action suit against them for false advertising. My husband and I both hurt all the time My husband got so bad that he couldn't hardly work anymore and now has gained alot of weight and has diabetes which I think is in part to this bed and not sleeping for the past year or more. If I could afford another bed we wouldn't be sleeping on our two couches like we are now. This bed is ruining our life literally.

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  • Mi
      Nov 18, 2007

    I purchased a king split mattress over 7 years ago. I have for over the last 25 years had a re-occuring lower back/ hip problem that would 'go out of place' and even though I could place a chiropractors hand on the spot where it was 'out' and they could feel it, they weren't able to get it back in, and the only way that I could get it back was thru stretching exercises that I learned to do in martial arts... Well I have not had any complaints with our bed over the last 7 years..(my sleep number was 45)..but within the last year I noticed that my lower back would 'go out' within a few days after jogging... and it happened every time I would run!... after 6 months of continuing to try to run (and my back going out all the time) I had resigned myself that I was getting old (next b-day is 50) and that I wouldn't be able to run anymore!!! But... I work out of town frequently... and during a month where I spent about 20 days on the road... I had no problem with my back all during my time on the road... but when I would come home and sleep on my own bed... the next morning I could tell my back was on the verge of going out...

    I realized that it was my sleep by number bed that was causing my back to go out!!! But why do I LOVE MY SLEEP BY NUMBER BED??? BECAUSE I COULD ADJUST THE SETTING AND FOUND THAT THE NUMBER THAT I NEEDED TO SLEEP ON AND NOT HAVE BACK PAIN WAS 90....

    That was over 6 months ago... I have gone back to my running schedule... and my back has not been out one time.

    I wouldn't part with my Sleep by Number bed for any amount of money... and in the 7-8 years that we've owned it... we haven't had one single problem with it... the remote is still working off the original battery... just like they said.

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  • Ma
      Nov 20, 2007

    I also have one of these over priced pool toys for 2 years. I would have better off buying an air mattress from the camping section of Wal-Mart and saved myself $3000.

    I sleep on 50 my wife sleeps on 30 so if I roll over towards her to snuggle it feels like I rolled down a hill. The air of my wife's side leaks out every couple of days.

    I am 6'2" and weigh 250lbs so I push the foam sides out and smash down the center so I feel like I am sleeping on a hammock. Your actual sleeping (chamber) area is very small. Remember that about 6" of the sides and about 6" down the middle is nothing but cheap foam.

    I also sleep on my side which pushes down my hip and shoulder area harder than other areas so the weight is not evenly placed across the chamber. This causes the air displaces and squeeze the mattress down to the "box spring" in those areas. This is one of the reasons I sleep on 50, it is harder than I like but it helps me from sleeping on the "box spring". I bought a foam topper for it and that helps some but I wish I would have spent the same amount of money or less and just bought one of those Swedish Foam mattress.

    For it to work you better like sleeping on your back and in the center of your chamber and not moving all night. Unless you like poor customer service after the sell and a painful mattress that will never last the 20 years that is promised then stay away from this sorry piece of garbage. We hate it!

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  • Ma
      Nov 26, 2007

    I've had my Sleep Number for almost 2 years and feel that it is the best thing that has happen to me. I sleep without tossing and turning. My sleep is so deep it a minute to come out of it. I go to sleep quicker and use different sleep numbers. I use 80, 40 and sometimes 50. So I really don't understand some of the thing others are saying. My experience has been wonderful so far. Thanks Sleep Number.

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  • Bk
      Nov 30, 2007

    I'm frankly very suspicious of these complaints. Some are outrageous to the point of leaving me highly skeptical. Another web site mentions mold in the sleep number bed yet no one on this website thus far has mentioned mold. I suspect the larger inner spring mattress industry has felt a huge drop in sales and perhaps cannot yet copy the patented sleep number bed.

    I was almost convinced to not buy one and still may not due to cost ( I know of a mattress manufacturer that sells mattresses directly that makes very high quality inner springs that are much more affordable than the sleep number). I still haven't decided as I've read through these crazy over the top complaints that grossly contrast to people I've spoken with who find these beds very comfortable.

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  • Jo
      Nov 30, 2007

    I had a Queen size Select Comfort bed for about 8 years and loved it. Then we bought a king and it was ok for the first 2 years or so and then I started having terrible back pain. Pain in my lower back and right side. I would feel the worst in the morning. It would come and go. Every time I would go away on vacation or to visit my family and sleep on a different bed, my back pain would disappear. I went to doctors, had x-rays, and when I told the doctor I felt worse in the morning, she said normally that is the bed. It really hadn't occurred to me that it could possibly be my bed since I thought so highly of it. My cleaning people always change the sheets so I never really looked closely at the mattress without the covers. I finally took a look and saw a huge dip in my side of the bed and then I became even more aware that when I went away my back pain went away. The funny thing is that I weigh 130 lbs and my husband weighs over 200 lbs and there is no dip on his side of the bed and he has no pain. I called to tell them I needed a new pillow top and they told me to vacuum it to try and suck the foam back up. How ridiculous!!! Of course that did nothing. Now I need to call back again and try to get them to send me a new one. I really think I will need to by a new bed because I can't take the pain much longer. It is completely insane that my parent's 10 year old just normal Serta mattress cures my back and this $3000 Sleep Number bed is making me feel crippled. To the person who said these complaints are ridiculous, lucky you that you are not waking up in pain. Those of you in pain - I FEEL IT TOO!!!

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  • Do
      Dec 02, 2007

    I completely agree with all complaints made about this bed! Sure, it was fine for the first month or so, but like others have said, a giant "hole" forms in the middle of the bed. Also, I noticed someone mentioned mold inside the mattress; this is true also! And, you can forget setting your sleep number, this is pointless! In a couple of hours most of the air will just leak out anyway. Unless you just enjoy wasting your money and have no sense whatsoever, NEVER PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF JUNK!!!

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  • Le
      Dec 03, 2007

    I have a queen size dual chamber version of the sleep number bed. It SUCKS. In the middle it always sinks in, and the chambers feel like large round things just sticking up out of the bed. It's so horribly uncomfortable, I can sometimes sleep up to 4 hours at a time each night. I have not had 1 single full night of sleep since getting the sleep number 4 months ago. I might put my 15 year old mattress back on for my bed. I am only 19 and am having horrible back pain from the sleep number bed, night after night, its a terrible product. $20 air mattresses are more comfortable than this junk.

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  • Ta
      Dec 07, 2007

    Thank God We called before our 30 days were up!

    I have never hurt so much in my life! The moment I lay down instant pain in both arms, I really think its the frame more than the mattress, its solid steel under there. It appears to look like a thick box spring but look under the bed, solid steel against the air chamber. It actually looks like an upside down coffin. Could it be the current from electricity in the metal frame causing the pain?
    I bought a reg mattress and slept on the floor last night until they could pick up this piece of junk today and I have never in my life had such a sound solid sleep, I did not even hear my alarm clock! We have the adjustable bed so maybe that is worse?

    They could not pay me 1000.00 a night to sleep in that torture device.

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  • Pr
      Dec 07, 2007

    I couldn't find software for my Tata indicom c2801 for downloading data's. Where can I get it?

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  • Sa
      Dec 19, 2007

    I've had a 5000 for about 20 days and the plastic foundation that came with it has a terrible squeaking noise every time you get in, out, or even move in the bed. It's really annoying. For the amount of money you spend you would think that you would receive a quality foundation that would be quiet. I was wondering if anyone else that has had the SleepNumber bed has noticed this problem?

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  • Ma
      Dec 27, 2007

    I've only slept on a sleep number bed once at a hotel. it was ok, and the novelty of the bed was amusing. Irecently I needed to buy a bed for myself but I was low on funds. I got the cheapest ikea frame available and bought a camping air mattress and pump set on sale on black friday for just over 17 bucks. my sleep is comparable to the sleep number bed, and I am very pleased. Also I do not have a problem with my 17 dollar air mattress sinking in in the middle. I can adjust the firmness by inflating or deflating the mattress to different degreees. If I had $3000 to blow, I would certainly not waste it on an air mattress when I can get one as cheap as I did at target.

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  • De
      Dec 27, 2007

    I have a king size, dual chamber sleep number bed. I hadn't really thought about my bed causing my back and shoulder pain and numbness in my limbs. I didn't think it could be my bed, since it's touted to be the best thing on the market, blah blah blah. This morning, my foot was so numb that I literally couldn't move it. I had to reach down and pull on it to get the blood flowing. Most mornings, both hands are numb. My shoulders and neck hurt very badly, too. I was doing a search on the internet to find out how to determine the best sleep number for yourself; how you can really tell you have the right number and I came across this site. I haven't had the issues some of you are having, like the sunken middle, but I have the pain all the same. My husband loves his side of the bed, which I find interesting. I'll adjust my sleep number up (I am currently on 45) and see if that helps.

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  • Ga
      Dec 29, 2007

    I agree with all the complaints except one. I have not had any mold in my air chambers as of yet but I have had a hole in my bed and the company told me that I would just have to deal with it. As far as the sinking in the middle I wont buy anymore of there cheap foam. The sides of the bed bow out really bad so what I have done was constructed a box out of 1x6 lumber and put it on the outside of the foam but inside the mattress and that seems to keep it in form. How ever why should I have to do this. The company said that maybe it was my frame that was causeing the dip but how can that be when i dont own a frame and the mattress is on the floor. What my floor is cracked and sagging I guess. If I could afford another bed I would get one and have a bon fire with this piece of junk. I would not even give it to a homeless person for the fear of being sued for causing back problems. To thoughs few that have had no problems with your bed I congradulate you on that but let it be worn that when you do have a problem dont cry to all of us that all ready know about it and tried to worn you. I just wish that Select Confort would stand upfor there product. They may have 5.5million customers but what if thoughs did everything that we have with customer service and just gave up and through the beds away.

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  • Tr
      Jan 07, 2008

    My sleep number bed was purchased because I was told by the sales person that it was the best bed for my fibromyalgia. In the year that I've had it, I have developed nerve damage in both arms and hips. I am almost crippled from sleeping on this bed. I am not able to get to sleep without sleep aids because it is so uncomfortable. When I wake up in the morning my lower back is locked in place... during the night the bed looses air and I wake up in a "hammock" This product DOES NOT give even distribution to your weight. Every place your body touches it, becomes a pressure point. This bed is NOT good for people with chronic pain or injuries to their spine. DO NOT be misled by their claims of perfect restorative rest...

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  • Ju
      Jan 09, 2008

    Every single complaint I have read on this site about the Sleep Number Bed is absolutely true.

    I have the unevenness and increased pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I've been sleeping on this bed for over a year, and I have never found my "number." I've called customer service, who told me to "get rid of it." They are absolutely useless.

    I finally realized my pain was coming from my bed when I went on vacation recently and slept on a standard mattress, and I woke up 100% pain-free!!!

    I just bought a Serta that is about 1/4 the cost of the Sleep Number bed.

    The Sleep Number bed should be taken off the market.

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  • Jo
      Jan 12, 2008

    I was looking up the customer service number on Google and found these complaints. We totally agree on what people are complaining about ! We have two dips in the bed and I think it is us for falling for this pitch. We finally had to go out and buy a mattress from a reputable company and my back has stopped aching.

    My husband heard about the numbers bed from a business acquaintance and is so mad at him and at himself for listening to him. We were robbed !!!

    As for the person that thought the people complaing were wackos he is just listening to people that have had horrible experiences and are using sarcasm to make a point Everything they are saying is so true !

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  • Lo
      Jan 16, 2008

    I was serching the internet looking for a way to fix the giant troff in the middle of my bed. Form all the complaints it looks like i'm not alone. I've taken my bed back apart and I can't see anything wrong with it other than the general design. I have all the same problems except the mold yet. I hate the dip in the middle, the 1 ft stip I have to lay flat and not move off of ( or I will fall into the middle) and the cheep plastic box it sits on ( which doesn't make noise all the time, just when we don't want the rest of the house to hear what we are doing in the bedroom). I'm going to keep looking for a solution but I don't think i will find one. I WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE. But I will say that my inlaws say they still like thier's after several years.

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  • Ev
      Jan 26, 2008

    I agree 100% I have the Sleep Number 7000 adjustable bed. It is very uncomfortable. If I dare to role over in the middle it is like falling in a valley. That most advertised feature" the pump" does not work. You put it on 50 and wake up on 10. The odor is foul. I paid several thousand dollars for this bed and I have had the worst experience with it.I am also told that it gets moldy. I am writing corporate and if I don't get proper results, I will go to court. After reading the same complaints on all web sites I hope others will get together and file a class action suit.

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  • Do
      Jan 26, 2008

    I am very upset with my purchase of a select comfort bed. Man they are very expensive and I would expect a lot of great nights of sleep for the money paid. That is exactly what I got. Very comfortable for my wife and myself. We have very different sleep numbers and sleeping on two separate beds just doesn't sound as fun. The bed works great for that. Sometimes it is very hard to get my wife out of the bed, she wants to stay there all day.

    Here is the real problem. It was very expensive for us to purchase Sleep Number beds for each of our guest rooms so our family and friends could sleep as well as we do.

    Damn you, Select Comfort.

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  • Da
      Jan 26, 2008

    I feel for all these poor people that got stuck after the 30 day. I was lucky enough to have a problem early on and returned this overpriced piece of garbage in time. Unfortunatly had to pay out of my pocket the $218.00 shipping and could not return the sheets and mattress cover as they are completely useless to me as they are Queen Extended in size, too small for a King to Big for a Queen. The only reason I purchased this bed was I was Garrenteed by the salesmen It would fit into my Queen Sized Slaigh Bed. Well It did not, and rather than Purchase those Plastic Legs they offered I returned the bed. I have a $1800 cherry slaigh bed and with there fix I would not be able to use my head board or foot board. YA RIGHT!!!!! I am currently pleading with then to refund my shipping charge as I was told the bed would fit and I diden't. AM I Wrong. If you bought something from any other repitable company and It would not work as stated you would not have to pay 100% of the time. It's Like ordering a size 2 dress and getting a size 4 and they say oh well sorry but you bought it.

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  • Be
      Jan 26, 2008

    Horrible horrible product. Extremely overpriced. The edges on mine broke down, and when i lower the number, it doesn't really get softer, i just sink more into it, more into a hole. I sold mine and am now trying the tempur bed. Much better!!! Don't buy an airbed, they are truly awful and overpriced.

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  • Ma
      Jan 31, 2008

    I have had our bed now for 5 years.. Have loved it from the start. Issue is now we are having problems with the center hole issue that everyone is talking about.. What causes this ??? how do you correct it.. Do you just replace the foam and every thing is back to normal ? I have a 5000 series king side and other then the huge hole that now is in the midle of the bed, I have had no issues with it.. as for the mold.. Its on the foam pad just above the air chambers. this is due to my wife who sweats alot in the summer.. going to get this on any type of bed.. Just spray some bleach cleaner on it and wash it off.. cant do that with a regular bed i guess..

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  • Co
      Feb 01, 2008

    These were all posted by a competitor to sleep number beds- I'm sure of it. I love mine. Notice how all of these posts look alike? All of the sentences run together with poor punctuation? It's one of the hired college kids interning in "marketing" at a competitor's brand. It's not like you have to prove your identity to post.

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  • Br
      Feb 03, 2008

    I would not buy one again. Back pain is very frequent, feels like a hammock. Wife and I do not like it (after only 2 years.) What a waste of money.

    +3 Votes
  • Kp
      Feb 03, 2008

    I am a very unhappy Sleep Number customer. The longer we have the bed, the more unhappy I become. I have tried every number setting since purchasing the bed in '01 and not one has worked for me; and I've also given these numbers several days test-time. I feel I have been ripped-off by an over-hyped, ingeniously marketed product. I am glad to see there are so many other disgruntled customers out there, because I was beginning to feel I was the only one among all the raving reviews you hear on the radio and tv ads. Buyers BEWARE, and check other beds before buying. I've slept better in hotel beds and a Robb and Stuckey mattress at a friend's winter home. Also, the customer service is very poor, also. I should say, what customer service?

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  • Ch
      Feb 05, 2008

    I have just scanned most of these comments about the sleep number beds and find it interesting that there is very little or no mention of mold problems. Either the consumers don't know to look for it, because they won't tell you about it when you buy a bed or all the beds are too new and no one has inspected their bed. I have owned a Select Comfort bed since 2002 and I have had a terrible time with mold . I first noticed the mold about a year after we purchased it when we were moving and had to disassemble the bed. I called Select Comfort and they replaced the air chamber and the foam topper only because I was within the 2 year warranty and was told that this was a one time replacement . They told me to use the bleach solution and let the bed "air." Well, I have done that faithfully and still have the irritating and health hazard problem of mold on the new air chamber and the foam. I am disgruntled but feel stuck because of the cost. I guess I'm going to have to inquire as to the cost of replacement pieces, which from the other comments are costly. I would have to say that I would not by this product again and would definitely warn possible consumers about the potential for mold.

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  • Te
      Feb 06, 2008

    We purchased the 5000 series king select comfort bed almost a year ago. It's fantastic, and we've never had any problems. We've had 3 follow-up customer service phone calls since we purchased the bed. 1 from the salesperson, 2 from customer service. I rate everything a 10+. I've been a horrible sleeper since I was a teenager, but this bed has increased my quality sleep time by about 2 hours per night, and I almost never have to adjust the bed, unless I feel like it. And rarely a neck or back ache at all. Occassionally it will loose 5 - 10 points on one side or the other, I'm assuming this is due to air temperature changes in the room. But, it's no problem that one push of a button and a few seconds doesn't fix.

    One of my sisters has owned the same bed in queen size for over 4 years, and both her and her husband love theirs. My inlaws bought the most decked out, adjustable, 9000 california king about 3 years ago. She loves it, he hated it. He found out what he didn't like was the memory foam topper, and that he thought he liked a lower setting, when he was actually happier when we talked him into trying a 65 - 70 setting. Now he sleeps like a baby!
    I can't help but wonder if this "sagging" is one of a few issues - one of the foam toppers, that your sleep number setting is not high enough for what you really will feel comfortable at most of the night, or there is a leak in the air chamber and the bed is not staying inflated (which, if still under warranty, should not be an issue - maybe you should try reaching a customer service manager?).

    I have not come across one person (the 2 listed above are just two of my closest contacts) who does not love their sleep number bed after figuring out their "actual" sleep number or range of numbers. I think some people think they want a "softer" bed after sleeping on an old hard regular mattress, but don't realize that the firmness of a higher sleep number is not hard or lumpy, just firm and supportive. (personally, I like 35 - 40 most times, and it's not like a hammock, just like a soft down pillow! My husband likes his side around 85. And no, you don't want to sleep on the middle section, it is uncomfortable if the two numbers are very different. Although, my son doesn't seem to care when he begs to sleep in our bed instead of on his regular mattress!)
    We have also moved the mattress to a new house and a new bed frame. Moving was a breeze! I would never want to move a regular mattress again in my life - what a pain! And still, no problems with the sleep number bed. Back up and in perfect working order within 1 hour - all by my lonesome.

    In my opinion, these complaints are mostly unfounded, or have come across bad customer service people (happens with the best companies at some point or another). After the warranty expires, you have to expect to shell out some money if something goes wrong - with any product.

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  • Vi
      Feb 08, 2008

    We gave it two months of benefit of the doubt but we wake up in pain every morning, mostly in the shoulders and back. I can now see that we are not alone. I wish I knew about this site before we put out all that money. I feel crippled.

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