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One thing you must know BEFORE you purchase a Sleep Number bed (SNB) is there is NO REPAIR SERVICE if something goes wrong with your bed. If something breaks they will send you the part(s) but you have to make the repair yourself. I own a King size SNB (7000 series). Even before you get any new parts YOU have to diagnose the problem by crawling under your bed and troubleshooting. If you are disabled like I am and no one else in the household to do this for you that is difficult. I called the home office in Minniapolis (Bill McGlaughlin is the CEO) and his assistant (Chad, employee #89638 and it was his choice to tell me his employee number; I didn't ask and he was not very nice) had a very canned statement about the repair of my bed and it was, if it's broke and you can't fix it, TOUGH! They are happy to send out parts but if you want someone to come fix it they will call the people that delivered and set up the bed and it will cost $150 each time they have to come out. As far as the comfort of this bed; we have had it about a year; it tends to sink in the place where you lay and then there are higher places on each side of where you lay so if you don't get right back in the rut your body had made you do roll back into that spot because of the hill on each side of you. My husband is terminally ill with cancer and I purchased this bed so he could hopefully have ultimate comfort during his struggle--it was a bad-expensive idea. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about purchasing one of these beds--folks they are NOT WORTH IT! PS: the problem with my bed is the chambers will not hold the air. We put it on the setting we want and in a few days the air has gone down. Even if they sent me new chambers, they come in a small box; I would have to inflate (??how) them and on a King Size bed they are huge once inflated, disassemble the bed (zippers padding, foam), put the chambers in the bed, reassemble the bed--it's a lot of hard work. IT TOOK TWO YOUNG MEN TO ASSEMBLE THE BED TO BEGIN WITH (and that's another story, they knocked a TV off of a table with one of the air chambers when they installed the bed and caused over $1, 000 damage to my home), what makes them think that a disabled person could do this alone.

Another twist to this story, they knocked a TV off of a table, tore a hole in the window treatment on the door that the technician fell into with one of the air chambers when they inflated them and caused over $1, 000 (more like $1500) damage to my home---what makes them think that a disabled person could do this alone. Because I had the forsight to get in touch with the District Manager while the technicians were still in my home and because I put it all in writing while they were here and had them sign what they had done, I was able to recover money to replace the window treatment, not the TV as I could not find one like it since it was about 6 years old. They "reluctantly gave me a set of sheets" which are not what they are priced to be (they feel like sandpaper even though they say the thread count is high).


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