Segpay / Segpayeu / Generation Ltd / Deluxeprodxx / Unauthorized credit card charges

I noticed this month 2 transactions on my account for services I have never used that are taking payments out of my account and then changing my pounds into either Euro's or Dollars, which I am also charged a fee for. Due to the fact that over time the wording on my bank statement is changed every so often I have not noticed that these companies( CY & GB ) which all lead back to Segpay or Segpayeu have been defrauding my account since June 2014. I have just returned from my Bank, Bank of Scotland and this has been handed over the their Fraud Department who will be contacting you. This started with a 60p charge, then the same day £14 was taken. Since August 2014 I have had the rough amounts of $24.95 and $29.95 every month though this was taken from my account in Pounds and I was then also charged exchange fee as well. I do not know who you guys are, I have never authorized this nor have any idea how you got my credit card information. This has been turned into the appropriate authorities and I seek a full reimbursement going back to June 2014.

Mar 13, 2017

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