Sedgwick- Workers Comp. Vendor Complaint / lack of client care and support

New Kent, VA, United States

My name is Brenda Epling and I work for Cumberland Hospital in New Kent, VA through UHS Inc. I was assaulted/attacked by a student suffering back, neck and hand injuries on Jan 3 2017. The name I have been given as a representative is Matt Long. It takes several weeks to get RX, physical therapy and now a new doctor approved. Mr. Long has been contacted by phone and e-mail by myself and our HR Director Kim Ivey. She has even had to be in touch with his supervisor. My physical therapists had to make repeated calls to get a TENS unit approval completed. I am still injured and the last Doc escalated me to see a Physiatrist A.S.A.P. on Thursday, April 27, 2017. There continues to be pain in my cervical and thoracic area in my neck and back, shoulder and sometimes even lower back now due to the continued strain. Mr. Long is not processing the DR request for a Physiatrist . A.S.A.P. to further investigate the depth of my injury and recovery plan. He is not returning calls or e-mail. I have been in contact with VA Workers Comp. office to complain and will be moving forward with a written formal complaint as needed. Please forward this to the right personnel to escalate the response. I am beginning to be concerned about permanent damage from the long-term pain and suffering I am experiencing.

May 3, 2017

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