SCSla-z-boy corner sofa

Hi. I ordered a £4, 200 corner sofa from Scs in Aberdeen, Scotland. It took 5 months to arrive and the quality of the sofa was fantastic and I love it. The problem is none of the sections fit together. We phoned Scs and they admitted their staff hadn't been trained in selling your sofas when we ordered ours and it was their mistake. I was assured they would fix the problem and we would not be out of pocket. The problem was then passed to the Aberdeen store manager who was down right rude and then on to regional manager.
We have two end manual recliners which don't fit the other parts ordered. Only 2 of the 5 pieces fit together. Scs have basically told us we can keep it and pay for it the way it is and figure out how to join it together ourselves or they'll come and take it back.
I am very angry and disappointed at the treatment from Scs as I would love to keep the sofa but unless the problem is rectified with no extra cost to myself then they will definitely have to take it back. There's been no apology, they're just not slightest bit interested.
Please help.
Mrs Marion Young

May 28, 2018

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