[Resolved] SCS Furniture Store / sitting room suite

Livingston Scotland Lothian, GB

Complained many times and passed from pillar to post. Wish complaint to go higher than Store bought from and also SCS head office in Villiers Street. I have e-mails that were sent to store and head office but have been ignored. I am utterly disgusted by the treatment I have received and the contempt of the Livingston store manager. They seem to think that because of the length of time I have been persuing this that I am going to go away but I wish to follow this through. I can forward copies of e-mails if necessary.

  • Resolution statement

    I have phoned store many times. I emailed them plus emailed their head office. Also spoke to their head office. I can forward my emails to you if that would help. I was treated very unfairly after paying thousands of pounds to them.

Mar 20, 2017

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