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ScS Durham Unit 8, Durham City Retail Park, Durham DH1 2RP, 4549 Villiers Street Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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On Saturday 9/1/2016 I purchased a sofa plus carpets for my bedroom. I paid the deposit, arranged for someone to come and measure and 21st of January had been confirmed for fitting. On 13/1/2016 after the measures were taken I received a call that I must pay the outstanding balance at 18:28 PM; otherwise, the carpet won't be fitted on the 21st. I went from my university office straight to SCS Durham to pay the remaining balance. The sale person complained about the slow computer and took over 25 minutes to take the money. Then, he said that he does not know about the fitting but someone will call me next day. As nobody called, I rang to remind and ask about the fitting. The sales person said that the responsible staff did not show up to work due to a few inches of snow. He became extremely aggressive verbally, shouted and yelled at me that he does not care whether my carpet cannot be fitted on time as promised, as I also expect my bed to be installed after the 21st. I mentioned that I am a university lecturer but the SCS Durham sales person yelled at me and terminated the call. This happened after receiving the full payment for a carpet which SCS Durham did not even deliver but for which it had already cashed the money. I had explained to the sales person that I have the right to cancel my order as this is clearly a breach of contract. It was written on the order form about the fitting on 21/01/2016. The sales person did not care and was not willing to help with anything. In my view, such a person with this kind of outrageous behaviour is ruining this company's reputation in front of their customers. It is incredible to be treated like this after the purchase in the 21st century! I felt so threatened that I would not have the courage to walk in the store for the rest of my life. I expect compensation for failure to deliver on this company's promise and for making me interrupt by very busy work schedule at the university and for the fact that such an incompetent person yells at me as a customer. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies and to be fair this is a pressured sale technique coupled with aggressive sales behaviour and gross incompetence. I am also worried about the delivery of the sofa after reading the comments from other SCS customers. It is an abusive trade practice to promise the delivery of something that is not on stock but to materially mislead customers into believing that the seller, SCS, has the sofa and that it will be delivered on time. This is the most shocking customer experience of my life and as I am a lawyer if I do not receive proper treatment and compensation for the aggressive verbal abuse I will have to bring SCS Durham to the Courts of England and Wales. The UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Misleading Advertising apply.

Jan 14, 2016

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