Awful. Avoid if possible.
Ordered carpets for delivery. A week before called 3 times to make sure all details held were correct (keys had to be returned for old property on the same day) and told 'yes all fine the fitter will call on the day to let you know when he is nearby'. Delivery day comes all wordly belongings on the removal van. Called the store at 10.20 'the fitter has the carpets and will call when he is close by'. 2 pm called again 'he has been to the property twice and was unable to deliver as we dont have contact details for you' no apology for the fact I had called to check my details were correct!. Get hold of the fitter who said he called the store at 10 to let them know they didnt hold contact details and couldnt re deliver until 2 days later!. Why didnt they ask me at 10.20?
Complaint in to customer services and cheif exec. My husband received a phone call fr regional team with an apology and admittance of their failings. No compemsation for his loss of earnings for a days unpaid leave he had to take for re delivery, the temporary accomodation for the 2 nights we stayed in a b&b (son is young and whole house was bare floorboards), or even a gesture of goodwill. We have been left out of pocket by their continual errors and bad customer service. With two weeks left until payday we have been left in a very vulnerable position with only an apology! Written back again with no resolve. Posted this to their facebook site for it to be removed. I am not done and will post my experience to every site I can find!


Feb 01, 2017

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