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I paid a lot of money for my service. I paid 43 a month plus the initial fee for the first big treatment. I had just had new sod put on and had Scott's Lawn Service treat my grass. I never so many weeds, dry spots and fire ant piles in my life. I questioned them about it and they always had an excuse or it was my fault. Either I watered too much or to little and the dry spots were because I have a tree that's giving the grass shade mind you mostly everyone in my neighborhood has trees in their front lawn and their grass looks great. The weeds never died they grew like crazy. They told me I had to wait and the weeds would go away, ok I had them for a year and that never happened. Worst service ever! I got a new company and within a few days the weeds are dying out already and the ant piles are diminishing. hmmm I guess Scott's wasn't even doing nothing to my lawn. Bunch of crooks. Oh and after I cancelled my service with them I receive a flyer on my door about 2 weeks later that they inspected my lawn and it was in bad shape per the Scott's Lawn Tech with weeds and fire ant piles and they wanted me to have them service my lawn. I guess he wasn't aware that it was his company that messed up my lawn. Wow!

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  • Am
      11th of Apr, 2012

    I am sorry to read of your concerns and that you have moved on to another company. I would appreciate you dropping me an email with your street address. I would like to review the account for opportunities we missed and learn from your experience. My email address is scotts.[protected] Thanks, Amanda

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  • Fe
      16th of Apr, 2012

    Being an ex employee of Scotts Lawn Service, they are the most crooked corporation out there. They overwork all the employees 6 day work weeks, anything over 40 hours they have the audacity to pay there employees what is known as CHINESE OVERTIME. For those of you that don't know what that is, it basically means you your paid below minimum wage try 5 and change. Most of the technicians that work for this company are career criminals and drug users. Scotts Corporation couldn't give a damn about their customers let alone the employees that really want to do a good job. Scotts makes over 8 billion dollars a year. The big bosses are only interested in getting the publics money. Nobody has any idea that they get billed for services they never receive and products being used on the lawns are not safe. They misrepresent the products that they use, I've been told to falsify records because we where using products not approved by the DEC or the EPA.

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  • Sf
      27th of May, 2012

    Scotts is absolutely horrible. I have had them for about 10 months and my lawn has looked repulsive. Apparently I don't water enough. I guess four hours twice a week and a $230 water bill monthly isn't enough. It is Infested with huge weeds that are like 3 feet tall, covered in Crab Grass. Note, I have the only lawn in my community with Crab Grass. I have neighbors' lawns that don't water or fertilize that look better than mine. I am going to drop them like a bad habit after this holiday weekend.

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  • Dm
      28th of Jun, 2015

    My lawn looks horrible full of weeds I have complained about this with no response. I think it is time to cancel my lawn care service with them and move on and stop throwing my money away.

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