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I decided to go thur Schneider Training program after talking to my friends and checking them on the internet ( So i went thur the interview and they sent me the paperwork and the Contract for the cost of the program. Which is about $3500. So i sign it and i went to training in GreenBay on Jan 12 2004. When i got there everything was fine until i slip on there yard (they didn't clean off the ice) and hurt my knee. So i had to go to the hospital and i got sent home the next day by (Don). So i got clear by my doctor and i went back on the 19th and i pass the Training Class. Now i went thur JumpStart and pass thur that.

I went over the road with Truck Driver Trainer I thought i was going to become a truck driver. I thought wrong, I was packing for the next road trip when Schneider call me. She said on my application i said i was never had a suspended license before. Now when i apply online i made a mistake on the application. I said yes for everything. When i suppose to said NO. But Lisa Call back And i told her NO for the other questions, but when she ask me of the Suspended License i told her Yes back in 1998 in Indiana for no insurance on my car.She said she is going to said NO because its not important. Well i guess it was because the terminate me from the program because of this suspending license i had in 98 for no insurance on my car.

They told me this ### that i was still Suspending. Now this is 2004 i was clear back in Jan 2000. I call in Indiana DMV and got my MVR from them. Plus if i was still suspending i wouldn't be able to surrender my Indiana License for my Wisconsin License back in May 2002, and no way in hell i could have been driving a school bus for since Aug 2002. So In closing Schneider is a bunch of ###. I warn this to anyone thinking of Schneider as a good way to become a truck driver. Go to J.B.Hunt, SWIFT, or a good trucking school.

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  • Br
      May 26, 2009

    And it seems they keep getting away with a lot of dishonesty and and false statements made starting with their recruiters

    Shouldn't there be laws in regards to what they have been getting away with for so long?

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  • Ze
      Jul 07, 2009

    I had problems with this company from the get to, I applied online and received a bus ticket to leave on a Friday, the problems started when my bus ticket was going from Guadalajara Mexico to some other town in Mexico, how is this possible when I am in Texas? Anyway, finally they fix the problem after 5 hours of waiting on a smelly bus stop, but after getting to Dallas and going thru the training I realized that it was a big mistake working for this guys, first they gave me a bang up truck and keep me for an extra day because the them truck wasn’t ready, I had my share of bad mechanics with my 11 years experience as a driver, but the Schneider mechanics are the worst, you ask then when the unit will be ready and they just ignore you until you give up. I ended up jumping to 3 different trucks until finally I made it out of their yard, another thing is that they promised you miles and good pay, but is all lies. I ended up messing up my back with this company and their support was not good at all. Maybe is was a matter of bad luck, but I had never had so much bad luck in my life.

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  • La
      Feb 17, 2011

    This company arbitrated the contract agreement I had with them. They terminated me from employment while I was on doctors leave of absence. I was a company driver, and they started reporting a debt to the credit bureaus while sending their attorneys after me for repayment. I am litigating them for fraud, and they will pay me for unpaid wages for the remainder of the contract including all doctor bills. On top of that, it is highly unlawful for any employer to terminate an employee while they are under doctors care. I am settling a compromise for no less than $250, 000.00 with their company for having been wronged by their devious business practices with intent to commit fraud. They even kept all of my possessions from the company truck.

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