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Schell Homes / Poor quality/workmanship

1 Lewes, DE, United States Review updated:

I have searched every site for Consumer Complaints with Schell Brothers Homes and didn't find one. I find this odd considering the numerous issues I have had as well as my neighbors in Schell brothers homes. First of all I find no difference in the types of numerous complaints I've read against Ryan homes. In fact the same contractors that built those homes identified with building flaws and cheap materials are the same folks for the most part used by Schell. The materials and contractors are basically the same as are the numerous problems caused as a result. Within a year as an example. The garage door cane apart, the AC stopped working, the upstairs heat stopped working. The driveway cracked, the ceiling cracked, the refrigerator had to be replaced. The entire side of a very large home had to have the siding removed and aligned. The front porch warped. All the CB wiring was loose and nearly caused a fire. The front porch veining was warped. The roof leaked into the garage causing the drywall to have to be replaced. Many of the original contractors left Schells employment and getting warranty work done was a challenge. These are first year items. 122 write ups in total, many quite serious. But there is more. Upstairs bath flooded as there was huge gaps between tub and tiled floor leaking into downstairs kitchen coming through the light fixtures burning all the bulbs out and creating a serious fire hazard. Yard floods from improperly placed down spouts coupled to latter finding out the home was built on a Water Shed area that was never brought to our attention when selecting the lot.. A tribute to Schell is that they have been responsive to trying to get things fixed but their local people were just a tad above inept. Now the A/C leaks, still
Under warranty but the original folks no longer work for Schell and won't honor the warranty. They sent another contractor out charged over $500 dollars, fixed nothing and want more to come out for final repair. Folks love their homes, wonderful floor plans and well maintained neighbor hoods, competitive pricing and what I thought was a sensational sales staff but their homes are a piece of did dodo wrapped in beautiful glistening wrapping paper.. Same material, same builders, same subs you get the same crap with a different name on your paperwork. Don't be fooled, these guys are willing to sacrifice the few for the many. Beware

Oct 22, 2014
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  • Sc
      20th of Feb, 2015

    Hello Mr. Mesa. We actually don't have a record of you as a customer in our system here at Schell Brothers, nor do we have a record of any customer with the extensive service issues you listed. Perhaps you are not using your real name here? If you are actually a homeowner of ours, please get in touch with our Homeowner Care and Customer Service team (you can use the Request Service form on our website at and provide us with your real name, community, and lot number so we can contact you. We are concerned that this is a false account or a competitor making false statements.

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  • Hh
      20th of Apr, 2018

    I have to say I was very disappointed in the the workmanship and profession ethics of the company. I had to hire a lawyer to get the major issues with the house fixed and I have taken on the minor issues at my owner exespence. I could not recommend Schell Brothers for quality or ethical behavior . I have had the opportunity to of show a number of people my house and it’s poor workmanship, as of now five people who where thinking of buying a Schell home, have bougth from other builder. Also, I was told that someone decided not to look at Schell because someone I told about my issues passed it on. I willl continue to inform friends and friends of friends about my experience with Schell. I would encourage others to do so, good or bad.

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  • Do
      24th of Jun, 2018

    In all fairness...Schell Brothers designs great homes, their building specifications are better than most and for the most part they have a great building process!
    My dehumidifier has multiple errors, and you don’t know that it’s under the warranty because no one tells you, my Cement Fiber Board has 30 cracks, 10-15 warped boards, and gaps you can put fingers one will return my message or home call? I have a court yard with beautiful flag stone and the Polymer is loose, soft and washing away...ALL BEFORE MY 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
    Again...I call and call and call, always hearing that it’s not their fault and I’m past my 1 year mark...HOW ABOUT HELPING ME TO GET IT FIXED EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT...or better yet, how about telling me what’s under my warranty if I’m deed it’s so.
    I’m in the middle of filing a complaint with the siding company, Schell forwarded a web address for me to file, however when I asked them why the siding installed on my home was 2 years old...haven’t heard a peep since? Why would your siding contractor use 2 year old product, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PRODUCT WAS INVOLVED IN A CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT?
    Every time I need just a little help...they are never there for me...Love my home, however...
    Schell Brothers is too focused on the next development and next home sale, IF THEIR NOT CAREFUL...THEY MIGHT LOSE THEIR REPUTATION BECAUSE YOUR FORGOTTEN AFTER A YEAR!

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