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Sbc / AT&T / horrible customer service and tech support

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Started on 2/6/2008 just wanted to Add a fax line, that's all??? Said would cost approx $62.xx monthly fee would be $13.75 + tax. The first technician came on 2/6/2008 worthless, totally. Did not want to install the fax line on the 2nd floor where the customer wanted it, said cannot? Insisted has to go in the basement where there is already an existing line just move it over to middle of the room out of the corner of the basement.

After two months still not working correctly. The fax line # is [protected]. When faxed docs out shows the home ph # which do not want on the docs. The wrong # keyed in the black boxes all technicians have??? This is a privacy issue??? Hello? No AT&T has added additional charges on my bill??? WHY? Monthly bill was only $85.00 a month now showing $403.53 how could this be? Install added fax line $62.75 + tax I was advised and the monthly fee would only be $13.62 + tax. Now the service is off??? I have been trying to get this issue resolved and every time I call I get transferred back and forth from the tech support dept. to the billing dept. and get no where??? The 2nd tech shows up, was nice did not program correct # in his box so fax # shows up on docs? 664-1343 or it wasn't ever installed correctly to start with??? The 3rd tech shows up, did not ever address the issue as to why he was here, but instead more interested in impressing his manager??? He installed a box on the outside of the house without any authorization, drilled hoes in the foundation, then proceeds to tell me I have to pay for any wires installed on the interior of the house. Excuse me why are you here. He also; unplug the fax machines to do this without permission and I had to reset the fax machine again??? The 4th tech came fixed the jack on the 2nd flr which the 1st technician tore from the wall and loosened two of the wires which is why fax did not work to start with.

The 1st tech did not want to be here. He kept insisting he needed to be at the next job. Said would not be able to install the fax line on the 2nd floor no wires. Has to go in the basement. Ran extended wire over to middle of the basement from existing wire/jack to apply to the fax machine. He still did not program in his black box the correct fax # 664-1343 so the home ph # showing up on the faxes sent out. Still not able to receive faxes only able to send out after the /2nd3rd guy was here. Still not able to get resolved??? They are still trying to charge me for all of the visits they made evn though it was because of their incompetence. Now my phone isn't working... fax not working. This is ridiculous.


Received a call from Dieatria Long. AT&T Executive Offices.

She was just as rude and incompetent as anyone else at that company. She would not remove the charges and had the nerve to tell me she was going to call the BBB and tell them we had come to a mutual agreement??!! Are you kidding me? Who do they think they are trying to bully here? We did not come to a mutual agreement. The only thing they need to do is put the account balance to zero... and turn off the phone, DSL, and fax line. I have already gotten my internet through charter now and want nothing to do with AT&T. They need to follow charters example and learn what good customer service is. AT&T is deplorable.

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  • Ge
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    Nearly impossible to reach a non-automated human without wasting hours. No practical way to present highly focused very specific E-Mails to anyone at AT&T. The AT&T left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. HORRIBLE frustrating procrustean voice menus (877-722-3755 etc).

    Worst of all: "Your call is very important to us" surrealism.

  • Ch
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    While I do agree ATT has the most useless customer support I have ever seen, your complaint is not valid. ATT cannot, by law, provide any inside wiring or support to you unless you pay for it with a separate agreement. Most techs will however run the line to a place you can access(even though they technically are not allowed to).

    As for the wrong number showing on documents you fax, that is your fax machine. ATT doesnt do anything but provide the dial tone, what you do with it is your problem. No ATT tech will program your fax machine, that is your job, or the job of a tech person that you should probably hire.

    As for "his" black box, that is a network interface device and isn't something that is programmed. It simply is a place to connect your inside wires to. The fact that the tech did anything beyond this box is above and beyond.

    As far as your bill, they will charge you for every visit that is determined to be a result of your equipment or wiring. It sounds like you have a few of these.
    This is required by law to allow for competition among service providers.

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