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Appeared in my email out of nowhere. Offered 7 day trial before charging my credit card, which was never authorized. Looks to be part of Adaptive Marketing LLC, "a leader in discount programs.:" Adaptive Marketing is a part of Vertrue, Inc., 20 Glover Avenue, Norwalk, CT, phone [protected], also located in Samford CT. Have had identity theft previously last year from Matthew Garth Cravey in San Antonio, TX, who broke into my Tracfone account by stealing a password. Matthew Garth Cravey is 31 years old with a DOB 10/23/77.

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  • Ry
      Aug 25, 2009

    This company is using other websites to do this. Now they are using to steal money from people. I had a fraudulent charge of 24.95 show up on my account. These aholes need to be locked up.

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  • Do
      Oct 01, 2009

    They also use I looked up a number there and it auto signed me up to this service. I called and complained at savings ace, i was very stubborn about getting my money refunded. We'll see in a few days if they kept with their word and removed the charge.

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  • Mu
      Jan 14, 2010

    My law firm is investigating potentially fraudulent credit card charges from, Adaptive Marketing, and numerous of their services, including “24 Protect Plus”; “At Home Rewards Plus”; “Passport to Fun Plus” “Business Max”; “Identity Protect”; “Premier health Plus”; “Privacy Matters”; “Privacy Matters 123”; “Privacy Matters Credit”; “Privacy Matters Identity”; “SavingSmart”; “Shopping Essentials Plus”; “Simply You”; “Today’s Escapes Plus”; and “ValueMax.”

    If you believe that you have been scammed, please contact me. Our communications will be confidential.

    Gregory Frank
    Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP
    (212) 682-1818

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  • Ju
      Jun 24, 2010

    FYI on the above complaint, delt with him before in Comfort, TX...He is a Jr., His father is a real estate seller in Corpus Christi...Has several aliases and goes by the name Matthew Garth, Matthew Garth Cravey, Matthew Cravey, Matthew Garth Cravey Jr., Matthew Cravey Jr., Matthew Garth Jr...wants to be an actor and has a page if you want a face to the name. Has a previous record. Search info all over google, didn't take long to find out just this much. Good Luck on your identity theft repair. If you sue, make sure to include all aliases.

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  • Mg
      Aug 10, 2010

    Zeugma is a homosexual schizophrenic who was my roommate at one time who thinks the whole world is after him. First of all I think I have better things to do than break into a Tracfone account. Wait, is there even such a thing as a Tracfone account since it is a prepaid phone for people who have bad credit? Second, if I had actually committed identify theft then why was nothing ever done about it? Think before making accusations [censor].

    Now as for 'justlookinout', you are apparently some idiot with no life. I have never dealt with anyone in Comfort on any legal issues. Also, a big congrats on posting all my names that are very visible on the internet. It doesn't take a genius to find that information. Now, as far as my previous record goes, it was a hot check when I was a teenager that has the same legal standing as a damn speeding ticket. Nice try on trying to make me sound like a criminal!

    This is a good example of why this site is a joke. It doesn't verify anything and just let's any [censor] post whatever they feel like posting because they are holding a grudge, are a hater, have jealousy issues, etc. All I have to say is, GET A LIFE! Here's my number, 210-454-8103, which too is available all over the internet. Now I have better things to do than type back to imbeciles all day! - Matthew Garth Cravey II <---you forgot my legal name! :P

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  • Ze
      Jun 06, 2012

    Ah, methinks the Lady Matthew Cravey (excuse me, I mean Matthew Garth Cravey II) doth protest too much. He has posted so much baloney above that he alone could feed the world. And MGarth (one of his many aliases) claims this site is a joke, when in fact, HE is the severe grudge holder, jealous, a hater, etc. and all of this was confirmed via his former girlfriend several times along with when she warned the two of us who were subletting rooms (myself and a young military guy) that Matthew was about to be evicted for not paying past rent (but collecting it from the two of us) as well as creating a fraudulent lease that was not valid, which was deemed as such when I showed it to the realtor. In fact, the realtor told me I had to get out of the house immediately, since Matthew's lease did not permit subletting in the first place.

    The military guy and I went out to look at the house's electric meter with CPS and it was cut off, as was the water meter. These things were reported to CPS, because I had been wondering why the air conditioning constantly ran as if cost was not a factor (which it is with the majority of people). The military guy and I moved the heck out ASAP and Matthew did indeed steal my identity because I had foolishly trusted Matthew and loaned him my router so that we could all use the computer wirelessly and via keylogging he got hold of my computer password that was the same one used on my Tracfone. Although Matthew even put a doorlock on my bedroom for my safety (I trusted this guy, DUH), he had another key and got hold of my cellphone, and changed the account to his name, which I only found out when I went to add minutes to the phone. Verizon, who now owns Tracfone has a full record of the identity theft. And of course I did not get my router back because Matthew Cravey is a thief (as well as his collection of rent from us but not paying the rent himself or his electric or water bill), a bully (called and texted me to threaten me after I left), and otherwise a person who will find out what happens in life from engaging in these types of behaviors.

    But I am thankful to Matthew for teaching me so much more about the importance of computer security and how there are those individuals who have no morals, scruples, ethics, honesty, or integrity. His girlfriend told me that Matthew was schizophrenic, and here he goes projecting it onto me? I repeatedly told her to get away from this guy. Matthew Garth Cravey II is bad news.

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  • Mg
      Feb 05, 2013

    Your words are meaningless without proof and I can guarantee you have none! Get a life loser.

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  • Sa
      Jul 20, 2013

    Story sounds entirely too familiar! Same situation occurred in 2012. Valley Forge subdivision in San Antonio. Cravey, or "Garth", created a false lease, sublet to two roommates, and cut off Electric Company's (cps) lock on meter. Heard two years before he did same to another meter and another roommate. Wonder how he gets away with crimes like this?

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