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Jeddah, India
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My parents have performed umrah on umrah visa. They have started their journey on 2nd March 2017 and return journey was on 10th June 2017 through Saudi airlines. After the check in process at 12:00 AM and then boarding pass, they were completing the other formalities and then came the long immigration queue. Finally when it was my father's turn at fingerprinting counter, unfortunately there was a mismatch. They tried few times and then they have sent him to a different counter saying that there is a problem with the machine. Again he has to go through the same procedure at second counter as there were many people in the queue. It was successfully completed after wasting 1 and half hours to two. My mother got it completed by that time. Exit stamp was put on the passport and they were proceeding towards the boarding process. And there they came to know that the flight has left. Now the torture of these airport and Saudi airline authorities started as they cannot move out since the exit stamp was put. They are made to sit in the security zone and still they are there with no help from the staff. They are fasting with mere glass of water as its Ramzan month. This is pure negligence of airlines people. They don't even bother to accommodate my parents to a better place to take rest. They are sitting on chairs for more than 30 hours. Still we are not sure about the next flight.

Jun 11, 2017

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