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I was supposed to go to Lahore from tabuk via Jeddah last flight was suppose to depart from tabuk by 10:40p.m but till 4:00a.m next morning no flight arrived.I have exam in Lahore on 7th may at 9:00a.m in morning.So I tried to contact the night supervisor to 're.route me to another flight but he simply refused that it's not in his hand and he cannot help at all.I tried many times but no use.though he 're.routed people to different international connecting flights..Instead he gave me a number [protected] to call for in disappointment I decided to get my luggage back.but when I gave my boarding passes back to the person who issues boarding passes he told me that my flight is 're.routed..which is 22:30 from tabuk to Jeddah on 6th may and then from Jeddah to Lahore on 7th may at 8:00am in morning but this will cause my exam as I will not be able to sit into my exam which is at 9:00a.m in morning while my flight is at 8:00a.m..what the use of booking a flight nearly 2 days before starting time of my I kindly request you to see into the matter on an urgent basis and 're.route with an urgent timing schedule.I am a doctor and my exam worth nearly 3500£..which is too much to booking reference is tabuk to Jeddah flight is SV1542 at 22:30 today while Jeddah to Lahore is SV3784 at 8:00 a.m..
Kind regards

May 6, 2017

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