Saudia Airlinesflight cancellation

1) abu bakr akoo
2) hajra akoo
3) halima akoo
4) rashida arbee
Date: 16 may 2017
Saudia airline
Fax no: [protected]

Complain: delay and cancellation of saudia flight no:sv446, confirmation no: 6nbtgp

Flight confirmed: wednesday 10 may
Time of flight departure: 11:00 am
We are a group of 4 people that traveled to o. R tambo international airport on the 10th of may to board a flight confirmed to depart at 11am. We arrived at the airport at 7 am and checked in our luggage at 8:30 am.
Announcement for boarding was made at 10 am. After an hour of waiting in line for boarding we were informed that the flight is slightly delayed. We continued to stand in line until 12:30 am and then were told we should wait until further notice. We were given a voucher of 100 rands per person to buy lunch. This amount is equivalent to 25 riyaals.
We then waited in transit until 2:45 when we were told that we could commence with boarding. We were very happy to finally be able to begin our journey hoping to reach makkah in preparation for jumu'ah.
After boarding the flight, the safety announcements and traveling prayers were recited. The aircraft began navigating towardso runway. However it suddenly stopped. This was at 4:00 pm. We were then told that this was a short delay due to a documentation problem. We then continued to sit in the aircraft for another 3 hours until 7:00 pm
We were then told that we would only be flying the next morning at 11 a. M
We then had to exit the plane and reclaim our luggage. This happened at 8pm.
We then were directed to a hotel at 10pm where we spent the night.
We went to the airport on thursday morning and as we stood in line to check in our luggage we were told by the ground that we should wait for another 3 hours before we can receive any confirmation.
We then went to the saudi office at 10am where we stood in a long line in order to understand what was going on. At 11:10 am they told us that we would be rerouted via qatar airline or emirates airlines.
At 12:17 pm, as we were standing in a line waiting to be rerouted we were told that saudia aircraft will be flying. We were not given the option of rerouting since it was confirmed that saudia will fly at 4:00 pm
We then checked in our luggage and went to wait for our boarding which was scheduled to board at 3:30 pm
At 4:00 pm as we were waiting to board we were informed there is a slight delay. We continued to wait at the departure gate for another 4 hours. We had no idea what was going and the ground staff did not inform us what should we do.
After this long traumatic delay we were told that all the passengers will be rerouted to a different airline. We continued to wait to be rerouted. At about 8:30 pm were asked to reclaim our baggage once again and check in via emirates airline.
This was especially traumatizing for our mother who is 71 years old and needs wheelchair assistance
We had no lunch and supper as we were only given a voucher of 100 rands equivalent to 25 riyaals.
We then went to emirates counter to check our luggage in again where we were told that we could not check in our luggage until 10 minutes before boarding because saudia overbooked their flight. We were shocked and distressed and had to now wait another 40 minutes before we could get a confirmation
No one from the saudi office came to us during our 36 hour delay.
Expected time of arrival in: jeddah: 7:30 pm on wednesday 10 may
Actual arrival in jeddah: 2:30 pm on friday 12 may
Loss of time: 43 hours of desperation, anxiety and trauma
We also lost 2 nights of accommodation at marwah rayhaan of rotana as the hotel management refused to give a refund.
Most importantly we lost 43 hours of worship in the haram.
We hereby request a compensation for the horrendous and unexplainable trauma we were made to undergo.

We are in madina and are due to fly back to south africa on friday evening. We would appreciate if we could have an appointment before our departure.

Awaiting your prompt response.

Yours sincerely
Abu bakr akoo

May 18, 2017

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