Sarasota Spur Braamfonteinopen late, staff chatting ignoring customers and rats running free in restaurant

On the morning of 1 Aug 2018 I had a meeting scheduled at Spur Braamfontein. I met a lady outside the office at 6h50 and she indicated opening time is 7h00. I went to Spur at 7h20 was greeted by a waiter who had a broom in his hand. He showed me a table while the rest of the staff were chatting in the back. A few of the females started screeming and jumping onto the couches. Shouting rats rats. Then the waiter arrived and said the coffee will take long as they have to still switch on the stoves and kettle. Totally unacceptable. Opening late. Disrespectfull to customers. Rats. Not being able to serve coffee at 7h20. Seriously this is not the way customers should be treated.

Aug 01, 2018

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