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Santander Bank


mishandling of purchased autoloan

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Santander Bank
United States
Santander is a vicious, predatory lender with no hesitation to harass and attempt to intimidate customers, including people who never wanted to be its customers, never applied to it for credit and want nothing to do with Santander.

I have an autoloan with Soverign bank which was sold to Santander. Because I pay my bills ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute I paid the July 2009 payment to Soverign as I had for several years. I was then informed that it was to have been paid to Santander. I have provided faxed proof to Santander of the July payment to Soverign from my bank through which the payment was made, that it was made. I made my August payment to Santander on time.

Santander's call centers continue to call my home and harass my family desipte being provided bank evidence, from my bank that the loan payment was made not only on time but in advance in July. The staff is demeaning, abrupt, impolite, antagonistic and unresponsive to demands to speak with supervisors.

They have demanded we pay them and we recover the money from Soverign or else provide copies of the front and back of the check for the July Payment. Of course it was an electronic transaction between my bank and Soverign, which Santader no doubt knows so there is no "check" for there to be a front or back of...

This may be how they do business in Latin America or Europe but it is unacceptable in the US. Do not do busines with this company. Do not do business with any of its subsidiaries or any comany you know does business with Santander.

And the calls from Santander comtinue. I am bringing this to the attention of my RI State representative, to Congressman Patrick Kennedy my representative in Congress and the banking regulators in Rhode Island. Believe me I am going to fight back.
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A  20th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm also having problems with Santander and my auto loan that was formally with Sovereign. I sent a payment to be applied specifically to the principal(like I used to with Sovereign) but Santander took the interest. Now it's been like an act of Congress(and that's an insult to Congress) to try to get it corrected. 5 calls later, I'm still waiting for them to correct it. And don't even get me started on their convoluted method for when you can actually apply the payment to the principal. Unbelievable! I'm trying to pay off the loan just to be rid of them.
When you hear the name Santander, run away as fast as you can. Their customer service is appalling. This bank is appalling.
A  6th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I also had my auto loan bought by Santander bank. I have been very unhappy with their service.

1. They are incredibly rude on the phone.
2. They charge $10 to make a payment on the phone or online, even though you are on time!
3. They will not issue a payment book, and then only send your monthly statement the day before the bill is due. This is ridiculous to me.

Basically, I just had gotten used to Soverign bank which was a great bank that was pleasant, easy to use, and fair. While I don't really have a horror story, I think many will. Avoid this bank!
A  8th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Santander Bank owned by ###!
when you ask to speak to a Manager they say they are one,
when you ask for a full name they say they don't have to give you that,
when you ask for something in writing they say to trust them they will honor what they tell you on the phone and that they don'y put anything in writing.

hmm, guess i'm going to default on my auto loan (my credit sucks anyway) and wil use the money from m payments to buy a used car cash.

I cant see how a bank/any bank can do bisiness like this. And rude is an understatement when trying to talk to their customer service reps.
A  14th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am having an issue as well. I transferred my loan away from Santander to my bank. So my bank sent a check paying off the loan to Santander. I received a letter from Santander confirming the pay off was made. Two months later I get an alert from my credit monitoring website saying I have a past due report on my credit history now because Santander reported me past due. I called them and they wanted nothing to do with my call and told me to report it to one of the credit dispute agencies. I refused and told them it was their mess to clean up. They said they would and for me to call back in 3 days. I am following up with them today. 9/14/09. I will keep you posted. Something needs to be done with them.
A  15th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
All I can say is that everything above is happening to me. I had two car loans with Soveriegn bank that Santander has taken over. In 3 months time they have sent double statments on both loans (one of which I accidentally paid twice), they generate statements 8 days before the payment is due leaving no time to actually get the statement write a check and mail it. Heaven help someone who goes out of town for a week and doesn't pay ahead without a coupon.
They charge a ridiculous $11 to pay on line. They now have an extra payment which they won't acknowledge AND the guy is trying to tell me the account is past due. PAST DUE?? IT is OVERPAID by one payment. He tells me it is my problem to send them a payment, they aren't obligated to send a statement or a coupon book, that's only a courtesy. I don't believe that is actually true.

I am so tired of banks cavalier attitude. They did NOT do me a favor, they agreed to conduct a business transaction which I am keeping my part of the contract.

I was seriously so angry I said alot of bad words and beat the keys out of my keyboard and broke off the little legs. In 3 months time I am so frustrated over Santander I am about to have an aneurysm. I'll bet I've called them 20 times. I can't express how angry I am at Santander. If I ran our business this way we wouldn't have a single customer.

We originally bought 2 classic cars through JJ Best Banc who funded through Sovereign then Santander took opver. NEVER again. We are in the classic car industry and will no longer recommend JJ Best Banc because they still use Santander.
A  28th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Santander has caused me nothing but PROBLEMS since my loan was transferred over from Sovereign. I am a CPA and closely monitor my loan payments to see how much was applied to interest & principal, and two months ago they took an entire payment I made and applied it entirely to interest. Now I've called their customer service center 7 times to get it corrected, and every time I speak with a rep who is rude, obnoxious, and not concerned in the least that this issue is 2 months old & hasn't been corrected! The supervisors have the same attitude, so it doesn't do any good to talk to one of them.

Also, DO NOT EVER sign up for the ACH withdrawal to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account. I did this, and Santander deducted payments on the wrong days which caused me to actually make 2 payments in one month, and they would not correct this either! All they say is, I'll put in a request for you and you can check back in a few business days. Yeah right! These issues have NEVER been resolved! I am so fed up that I am going to pay off the entire loan by the end of the year so I don't have to deal with them anymore.

For those of you who are not getting your problems fixed, you can try to call 214-237-3588. This is the Accounting Manager's direct line; however, he is not responsive to my calls but hopefully will be to yours.
N  18th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I pay them electronically ( online banking ). I usually add in a little more than the payment amount, to be applied to principal, just as it was with Sovereign.

They are trying to tell me, even though it is a simple interest loan, that I need to make THREE advance payments for them to acknowledge the extra monies as principal!

WTF is this theory? If I had the money just kicking around in my back pocket to pay three extra months would I truly need a car loan?

Santander customer service is seriously lacking both customer and service. I wish there was a local office or branch to go express my opinions to an actual person, not on the telephone.
A  12th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am in the same boat as all of you and i agree they should be closed or something they do have very vey piss poor customer service and do NOTHING to help.
I purchased my truck 4 yrs ago and had it set up to come from an acct 2 times a month (split pay option) then i get a letter in the mail stating i owed them over 1000.00 to become up to date. Needless to say i was livid. Called spoke to someone and was told that i had to pay or else, i told them i had no issues in 4 yrs now all of a sudden im being threaten with repo. not a good idea.
I was able to talk them down to put the missed month at the end of my loan but that was a trick in itself, the following month i was sent another letter stating i owed 300.00 on my loan called and was told that they do not do split loans.why wasnt i told that by the first guy... i dont know. now i am looking at a final notice on my truck and i never even got my first one for this month.
THIS BANK SUCKS very disappointed never again will i ever go thru this bank even if its the last bank on earth. Oh ya and what the hell are we doing selling our banks to overseas companies anyway as one person said here now they have all our info ( great way to maintain homeland security)
A  15th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Guys, I'm having the same problem with this bank. I called and spoke to a rep because I was a few days late. Asked for a deferrement, but the guy suggested that I just get a due date change but I had to make a payment and call back Friday to get a due date change. So I did just that and spoke to someone on Friday (today) and he said it is impossible to do that. so of course I speak with a supervisor and he says the same thing. So now I'm pissed, I hold my end of the bargain and they do not. I told them they can come get this car if they want even though I have never been late. From now on, I'll use my bank or a more reputable service and that's only if I don't just out right pay for the car. Consumers should avoid this company if at all possible. Never Again!!!
A  24th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have banked with the Abbey / santander for 35 years and i have never in all that time had as a problem untill the last few years,

I wont go into it all as its to long and i am sick to death of repeating it, has i am telling the same errors to their crappy customer services everyday,
most of them are not understanding basic english, and they are bloody usless,

a simple thing like calling to cancle a direct debit was turned into a long conversation then i found they never cancled any of what i asked them to and now want to charge me for all the mistakes that were their fault,

Its just the last of a long line of errors on their part sloppy customer services and i'v had enough now,
i am closing the account (which is why i cancled the DD'S) and STILL they cant get it right,
A  29th of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
you should try switching from one bank to santander! joke is not the word. i started to change my business account on 6 January 2010...its now 29 March and the ###s still are incapable of completing the task.
watchdog really needs to get hold of this farce of a bank being run by "care in the community" and expose them for what they are and not what they report to be.
N  14th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I also have had major problems with this bank. In December, I moved from UK back to Sydney. On the day before I left, I went to the local branch to instruct them of my new address in Sydney. A few months later, whilst making an ATM withdrawal, my debit card was retained by the machine. I called the bank up only to be told that my mail was being returned undelivered. I asked them to read back to me my address. When it came to the post code, the representative read out "BFPO 21266". I realised that all my mail was going to the British High Commission in Canberra, on the assumption I was in the UK military, which I am not. My actual post code is 2126. I am not sure why they added BFPO or the extra digit. Several expensive phone calls and many unanswered e-mails later, I received a call from someone who kindly put GBP 160 into my account to compensate me for inconvenience caused. During this whole episode, I decided to close the account and also a Santander credit card. I sent a letter with detailed instructions on where to send to send the balance. I find out today that the bank account is not closed, but the credit card account is. The instructions to close both were on the same letter.

I would suggest that people with complaints should e-mail antonio.osorio@santander.co.uk. He is the UK CEO. I cc him on all my notes. I am not sure if he reads them, but he did get someone from his office to call me and offer compensation.

The bank is a joke. They have this stupid policy that customers going abroad need to tell them which country they are going to and for how long. If you don't, your ATM card will not work. Of course, I found out about this when I was abroad. I told them in December I was going away at the same time I informed them of my change of address. The person taking the details asked how long I would be away. A change of address request should have provided them with some idea that it could be for a very long time. But their system only retains the information for 3 months, and also only allows customers to visit a maximum of 3 countries. For me this is my home country of Australia and 2 others.

With any luck, the account will be closed soon. But based on Santander's current record, I may have to wait for a long time.
N  30th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
We have had a major problem with Santander in the UK. Our 2 sons have a joint mortgage with them with my husband as guarantor. One son is now married and wants his own mortgage and they were told it could just be sorted over the phone by several people but then this was changed and they had to see a mortgage advisor in a branch. Not a problem you would think but the appointment was made and attended and the advisor was not there. No one had phoned to cancel or reschedule, no one else in the branch could help not even the manager. The next appointment is in 2 weeks time. My younger son may lose his house over this as the seller may not wait. Anything not on the call centre checklist and they can't cope as they have made so many people redundant.
We were with the Abbey for years and received excellent service, but once this is sorted out we will not touch Santander again.
A  18th of May, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Santander Consumer USA is HORRIBLE!!! I hate this company they absolutely suck!!! These guys are predatory and cannot explain their accounting methods which feel illegal and immoral. These [censor]s have been charging me late fees after I'm already current. A manager told me I am good, I'm current and today I find out they are trying to bill me $200 again. I HATE this company they should not be in business they are abolutely a NIGHTMARE! Anyone thinking of getting a loan with them, word of experience, STAY Away!!!
A  10th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have been making extra principal payments to my auto loan (originally with Drive) since April - about 9 extra payments so far. Each & every one is misapplied to interest first. Emails, chats, phone calls, and letters later, Santander has not resolved the issue. I have filed a complaint with FTC.gov as well as the Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB is taking the complaint seriously, Santander is not. Their response didn't even include an agent's name. I encourage everyone to file complaints with the BBB and FTC, possibly with your state's Attorney General.
N  11th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
That is exactly why I won't make extra principal payments to Santander. Not worth the hassle of fixing the problems.
A  2nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm trying to pay off my auto loan early. The loan was originally with Sovereign Bank and sold to Santander a year ago. The payoff amount seemed high to me. The balance they quoted divided by 13 (number of payments remaining) equals the same amount as my current monthly payment! When I asked the rep the amount of interest that was being removed for paying early, she said NONE. NONE. I asked if I was being penalized for paying off the loan early and she said YES. Then she HUNG UP ON ME. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK.
A  18th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Santander Sucks, they taken over Paypal Credit Card from GE Money, ever since then, they have increase their interest and taken advantage of the customers, this was choice that no Paypal Credit Card account holder had, I have been made reduntant from my job, enough money to live on, so I deceleared to santander that I was unemployed and ask ed if they can stop the interest on agreement that I can pay £15 a month till I get a new job as I was claiming jobseekers allowance, they sent me a form, I had it stamped by my JCP and they sent me a letter agreeing that they will stop the interest within 3 months, if I continued to pay £15 a month with no late payment, well I got my finance order mix up, I wasn't paying £15, I was paying £20 a month instead, which is £5 more than what I written down, after 90 days, I have not seen the interest stop, or go down, but go up, I am now going to threaten them with bank ruptcy and keep this letter with all my statement that was sent with proof that I was paying more than £15 a month with agreement to this letter. They are crooks that will stop at nothing to what they want.

If anyone has considered going with PAYPAL CREDIT CARD, DONT... AS SAID, THEY ARE RUNNED BY SANTANDER!
A  21st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too have problems with Santander. My loan was transferred from HSBC. I hate dealing with Santander, we are 2 months behind and they are threatening to repo the car. I have spoken with my attorney and as long as we don't let it go more than 3 months there is nothing they can do. I am tired of them harrassing me. They call and hang up. Don't they keep any information in their computers? I am sick of them asking me the same questions everytime they call. I called one day on a friends cell phone and now they call her too beause her number "appeared" on their caller ID. I haved asked them to stop calling her but they won't stop. They SUCK!
N  24th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I fell for all of you having problems with Santander but my story will blow your minds. I had a car loan with Citifinancial with was paid off in March of 2009 a yr and a half before Santander took over Citifinancial. On Saturday Sept 18, 2010 I received a letter from Santander stating that I owed them $8000 on this account. I contacted them on Monday only to be talk over and down to by a rep who told me it was my responsbility to prove I did not owe the money, After getting nowhere with him I faxed the pay off letter from Citi to prove I did no owe anything this is now Friday Sept 24, 2010 and they still show I owe them this money. They have also told me they have never reported this as of yet to any of the credit agencies but somehow it appears on all three. Citi's Attorneys have gotten involved in this and demanded that Santander remove this account from their files and clear my credit reports . Santander still maintains they have not reported to the credit agencies and still show on their own web site that I owe them this money. I am now working with one of Santanders VP's who says he will get this fix but I have yet to see any progress. I am currently looking for work and this is making it impossible to get hired because of what Santander has posted on my credit reports. If you have any questions, I have the direct phone numbers and cell number to this VP, you can write me at bigdoggolf1@yahoo.com.

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