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I have been dealing with the absolute worst customer service imaginable from this company pronounced san tan dare and spelled santander consumer usa. My vehicle which was previously financed through sovereign bank, was totalled in a accident. During my settlement claim with them they were over paid by $60.81. Trying to settle this repayment has been a nightmare and that's being nice about it. This was in july and its now sept and I have yet to settle this claim. I have never in my life been hung up on 5 times in a row no matter how bad they were until dealing with these idiots!! If your lucky enough to actually speak to one of these people they act like they have no clue what their doing. Listen to all the complaints about this horrible company and d o n o t d e a l w I t h t h e m!!! You are in for one of the worst experiences of your life if you choose to use them.


  • 1i
    1illie2015 Aug 09, 2016

    they owe me

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  • Da
    Dana Dana Dec 12, 2011

    Santander is ###, they take all your money and make you look like a dam fool. I purchase my van back in 2006 from a well known car lot, financed thru HSBC this loan should be paid out this year 2011 actually it should be paid off now, well Santander takes over the loan, huh wish they would let us know what going on when they want to sell our loan to another company, but anyhow, now that Santander has taken over my loan, now my date of being paid in full is 2015. What the f*** why in the hell am I going to pay on a 2005 van for over 8 years, Santander raised my payoff balance, and when I say call =--WOW they call all day everyday, don't let them call you at work or find your work number they will call and call and call, then call your references, and what f***s me up is that they call me on Sunday's. it's either a recording or live person, no no here the catch they will let a recording call then a minute after you are on the phone a live person will come along and talk to you...They are so worse some. This company is a pain, if it wasn't for me trying to pursue a home ownership the summer of 2012 I would tell them to come get this van --they are the worse stressful company ever, they will stress you out, if you not already bald headed be careful you will be after the excessive calls they make to everyone you know

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  • Re
    Rebino Apr 14, 2011

    You know your payment date, and the address doesn't change, why must you blame them for sending you a statement 8 days in advance (which is legal)? The date doesn't change. The amount doesn't change. The address doesn't change. I just laugh when people blame their mistakes on others. You have a contract with them (and the contract clearly states that the loan can be sold at anytime)...if you didn't like it, why'd you sign it?

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  • Ho
    holdinpile Mar 09, 2011

    Let's go for a class action suit against them. Exact same thing with no statements, etc. is happening to me. All interested?

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  • Sh
    shaftedbysantander4 Feb 09, 2011

    [censor] the government agencies, they are scared to even to go to the toilet. if you want to get even with santander, you have to accept you are never going to get your money back, and the best you can do is do over anyone at santander in a managerial position. use a hammer, use a pickaxe, anything. i feel for the cashiers, i really do. [censor] the management - if i could get access to the directors there is no knowing what retribution i would mete out to those [censor]ers.

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  • Sh
    shaftedbysantander4 Feb 09, 2011

    Santander is a [censor]ing [censor]e criminal organisation. they stole almost 1000 quid off me and after three [censor] waste of time months and pointless letters to the farcical financial ombudsman, those [censor][censor] at [censored]eander told me to [censor] off. those [censor] have declared [censor]ing war, and boy are those [censored]e mariners going to [censor]ing get it. i get more respect from a drug dealer whose patch i have traspassed on. santander are taking their last [censor]ing piss in the uk, believe me.

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  • Jo
    joonbug Feb 06, 2011

    Screw Santander! 2 years and and only 500 has been knocked of the loan amount!

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  • Ge
    gentlegiant Jan 24, 2011

    My family has also been a victim of this unethical, if not criminal actions of this company. We had a loan with HSBC, then Santander took it over. After not receiving statements for months (after requesting them month after month) our vehicle was repossesed without notice. Apparently my wife missed making a payment during the transition from HSBC to Santander. Even though we made our payment every month, we were behind one payment without knowing it. We had to pay $2, 452. to get it back. We still have not been receiving statements, I just called and talked to a very nice young woman. She indicated all our requests for statements are noted in the system, she will put in another request. I asked her is she could fax one to me, she said she did not have the ability, but she would put in another request. I asked her if she has ever "Googled" Santander, she hadn't. I explained to her she should, she would find out what a "terrible" company she works for. I started asking her more questions, at first her answers were "this has no relevance". I expained my frustration is not with her personally, none of this was her fault. My frustration is with the company, I asked if they paid her enough money to take abuse from frustrated "customers". She went silent. I continued to ask more questions, she began to answer. The truth is she worked at a center overseas (probably for slave labor wages), the home office is in Texas and there was absolutely no chance for me to actually talk to anyone there.
    I had the exact same experience trying to access / setup my account online as a previous complaint. In short, I have been deprived of any information on my account. I can not get a statement, I can not access online and if I don't make my payment, my vehicle will be repo'ed in short order. I have no idea how much I am paying in interest / toward principle, however I am certain I am getting ripped off. Consumers beware, Government agencies, please please go after these guys.

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  • Ra
    RANGEME1 Jan 07, 2011

    I can't even get a hold of these idiots !!! They keep leaving messages to call but all I get is a stupid recording. They can stick their car up their up [censor] !!!

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  • Mr
    MRS TY Jan 06, 2011

    These people are a bunch of [censor]s, they have been nothing but [censor]ing nasty to me from day one!!! they try to act like they are several differnt people, disguise their voice, and use fake last names, mrs robinson is one for real???? how fake is that, at least citi finan would work with you!!! awfull company to deal with hope all of them rot in hell!!!

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  • Mi
    Miss.Bana Dec 29, 2010

    Hello Everyone!!! I totally agree with everyone, about this evil company. Santander(Satan) from Spain. Please, also read [redacted].com as well. This company must be stopped! Please, submit your e-mail to:[email protected] also get in touch with the Federal Trade Commission and your Attorney's State General. This company will be put out of business, especially since finding out that they are a part of a ponzi scheme! May JESUS help us all! Don't get it twisted; there are people from Santander that monitor these sites, I had a guy to try and tell me that the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General won't do anything. Well I work for the government, so I had to let him know real quick, I might sound dumb talking about my LORD, but he does help those who help themselves!

    Again, that FBI e-mail address is as follows: [email protected] they are very interested in finding out about this company. Also, please go to /link removed/ and see the other complaints against this awful company.

    GOD BLESS YOU all in the 2011 year!

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  • Ca
    canticles Dec 08, 2010

    These people are criminals. They are claiming that I disputed a payment made in August and that it was returned as "not authorized." I did no such thing and there was no issue with my bank drafts. My payments were made through a third party, Smartnote, and they have cooperated by sending copies of cashed, cancelled checks and there is no record of a returned payment on their end either. When I disagreed with the representative from Santander, he hung up on me stating that the account would continue to remain past due. I called back twice, and both representatives were rather ignorant, as far as I'm concerned. Most times when I call in, they can't be bothered to read the notes on the account until I ask them to. With the last representative I spoke to, I asked for proof that the payment was returned. She said she could only send me a payment history. Hell, I already have the payment history! If I'm sending you all this proof, then why can't they do the same so we can resolve this? Why? Because they are scam artists to the max!

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  • Ke
    Kelleegrace Nov 20, 2010

    I agree with everyone on this page. The cutomer service department is a waste of time! I have been waiting for a refund check that they state is only half of what I am owed!!! I sent them an 18, 000.00 dollar check and they can't send me 661.00 dollars. You can not speak with anyone over cutomer serivice as a matter of fact I was told that the Manager could not come to phone!!! That is their freaking job!!! This company is crooked and I would not trust them to handle my money in any way!! Thank you also to CITI FINANCIAL for putting me in this situation!!! I will NEVER deal with either company again!!! Looks like I will end up giving my refund check to my attorney just to PROVE my POINT!!!

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  • Pt
    ptriplet Nov 13, 2010

    Did you know that Banco Santander is the parent company to Santander Consumer USA? Banco was involved the with Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme where people lost their life savings. Banco Santander had to pay out 1.3 billion dollars and it looks like they are trying to recoupe their loses through taking over car loans, hiking up fees and late charges and whatever else they can do to swindle the hard working tax payer out of their money.

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  • Br
    Brina_Bina Nov 12, 2010

    I got my car loan in May, 2008 through HSBC. I've always made every payment on time every month, and received statements with how much of my payment went to principle and how much went to interest. The statements were closed out on the same date every month and I could see how my balance was decreasing. Then they sold my account to Santander. Actually, HSBC still owned my account, it was just serviced through Santander beginning in March 2010. The trouble began, not too bad at first. Statements came on different dates of the month...sometimes barely giving me time to write the check and get it in the mail before the due date. Then I noticed they closed every month on a different date. Sometimes the 6th, sometimes the 25th, etc. So my balance looked as if it fluctuated, plus statements don't show how payment is allotted to principle/interest. I began to suspect the differing closing dates showing fluctuating balances as a way to try and cover how little my balance is being reduced compared to when it was with HSBC. Then they made a mistake and sent me two statements in October. One closed on the 4th, the next one on the 25th. Comparing it to my statement from Sept, I could see that out of my 305.65 payment, my bill was only reduced about 28 dollars!!! I was pissed! So I try to access my account online. Can't do it. When trying to register for online, it says "this e-mail is already associated with an account", so I tried using another then says "this account number is already registered online". What?? So I try to do a "Lost my user ID" link, it asks me to answer the security question...the security question is BLANK! I planned to call them and a few days go by...I get a call from them on Nov 10 saying my payment is 2 days late...(due on 8th)...and I tell them I mailed a check on the 1st just like I always do! They never got it (they SAY) so I go online, stop payment on the check right then with Santander on the phone, ask to pay over the costed me 15 dollars extra!! Believe me, I was cussing this poor woman out on the phone! While I had her on the phone, I told her about the concerns I had about how my payments were being supplied, she said that "statements were a courtesy and they did not have to send them" I said "Bull [censor], it's my money I'm paying on my loan and I have the right to know exactly how and when and where and why in what manner my money is being applied to my loan!". She then said that she will mail me a copy of my payment history which will show how my payments were being applied. She also said they would e-mail me a new user ID and password to get online and view my account. I have yet to receive either of those things. Tonight, I just applied to have my loan refinanced through my has been accepted in the preliminary, I just have to call them and supply proof of income and car insurance, etc. I'm washing my hands of these crooks and vipers at Santander!

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  • Po
    POLINATEMPLE Oct 06, 2010

    After paying 46 on-time payments & a couple of payments to go toward PRINCIPAL ONLY to HSBC, they sold my account to these crooks SAN TAN DARE (what a stupid name) without my knowledge. I WAS and AM insulted.

    Well, I'm one of the 15 million unemployed Americans & I lost my benefits on July 1, 2010. So, I paid July, but could not pay August or September. They started calling about 10 days after my August due date. 8 to 10 times a day, everyday!! After the two abusive, condescending CSRs within minutes of each other, I promptly called the White House [protected]) to complain! Yes, THE WHITE HOUSE! At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC! The president needs to know what we're going through out here! These politicians have screwed us BIG time. They ALL threw us under the bus. I then called my state attorney general's consumer complaint division, my congressman, my senator, the BBB in Dallas (oh, and by the way, they claim to have no information for a Santander USA - what a joke!)
    I then called the Federal Trade Commission [protected]) and filed a complaint with them, too.

    Well, guess what folks? The harrassing phone calls stopped. Then there was a stalemate and when they finally got up the nerve to call back, they used someone who knows how to speak with courtesy and respect to a consumer!

    Everybody call, write, email, twitter ALL the politicians you can think of ... like I did. Starting with the White House and you MUST MUST MUST complain to the FTC they're on our side. As I said: the politicians threw us under the bus!


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  • Il
    ile001 Sep 14, 2010

    I never do this but here I go...citifiancial decided to hand over their auto loans .I never received any notices about this change. I found out about the change when I
    called citi to get my payoff. So let the drama begin santanic automated stated I was 16 days late on my payment Here's the kicker my payment posted days ago to citi. So as I waited on hold I made eggs, coffee, bacon threw a load in the washer mind you folks this a true finally some hindu guy gets on the phone 30 seconds into the call I was ready stick my fork in my eye remember i'm eating breakfast and a washer going.. So I ask him did you recieve my payment? He told me no.I told him the payment posted to my bank .he stated we have millions of accounts to go through and my payment should post by the end of the day, So I called later on in the day and some woman got on the phone I asked her could she help me with my login info that i set up she states she could not it out of her control she told to go to the website the website told to call in. So I ask her did my payment post to my account she states you have not made a payment and you owe about $800 dollars and late fees I told her about payment that I am looking at she states citi need to send the payment and the payment is in a lockbox..huh?I told her I'm not giving her 800 dollars I told her i'm not paying a late fee she stated very [censor] like- it's out of my control you need to dispute when we recieve the payment ...I requested to speak with a supervisor she states for what! I told her If my payment is not posted to my account in 48 hrs.And if my beloved suv get repo I will sue citi, santanic, and the United States government for allowing a bank like this treat customer this way.It's my damn money I'm giving every month on time .And I'am very serious about this. All this on my first day talk about first impression.. oh yeah run from this bank!!!I will be shopping for a new car with a local bank...!

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  • Km
    KMCP Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't even get satements on time and consistently. My payments are made on time yet I get statements that leave me 3 or 4 days to mail them the payment. I'm not going to risk making these idiots a payment without the coupon!
    Since often the statements arrive too late to mail a check, I am forced to make an on-line payment so it's not late. Santander charges $10.95 to make the on-line payment.
    No matter what, no matter how responsible and timely I am, dealing with Santander Bank is a losing battle.

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  • Sa
    santander scam Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Protect yourselves and stay away from this bank!
    We had our auto loan with Sovereign Bank. Although their interest rates weren't the best at the time, we went with them since we heard many good things about their customer service.

    Since Santander took over the loan, my contract with Sovereign was not taken into consideration. I have a 10 day grace period with Sovereign. When I called Santander customer service, I was told that my contract with Sovereign changed.
    This made me suspicious - I pulled my contract with Sovereign and it states that my contract would apply if another agency takes over my loan.
    Upon my 2nd call, I mentioned this to another customer service rep, and my late fees were reversed.
    Everything ran ok, up until late payments were being posted to my account.
    Again, I contacted Santander and I was told that although I make a payment at a Sovereign bank Santander doesn't get it until 2 days later.
    Again, I sorted through the notification that Santander sent their customers, stating that any payment made at a branch will be credited the same day.

    I made a last payment on my loan - Santander says that my loan is not paid off until I pay $37.28. I questioned this, since my payment stub stated my final payment.
    The representatives I spoke with could not give me an explanation, other than that is my balance.
    I requested a written statement to be mailed to me, but they refused. I could not believe what I was told.
    I cannot believe that this bank is allowed to do business - they are unethical.
    If you happen to be a customer of theirs, be sure to hold on to every receipt and every correspondence your received.

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  • St
    stevew4 May 20, 2010

    I have never posted on a complaint board, because I figured these were things you heard about on TV but would never actually happen to ME. Until Tuesday evening, May 18, when my truck was taken from my driveway by guys straight out of a '70s horror movie: Old, white Ford pickup truck, fat, smelly men -- NASTY! One of them had called the previous Sunday, my wife answered, and he spent five minutes cursing at and threatening her, stating we were 180 days past due on our payments (we are actually current). That was our only notice: No letter, no phone call, no -mail, no fax. Just a call from a towing company.

    To make a long story short, in November, 2009, after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I had caught up on my poast-due payments with Triad Financial by making a large payment to bring the loan current. Things were fine until that call to my wife on May 16. It seems that Santander Consumer USA NEVER RECORDED THAT PAYMENT -- which was made by billpay -- and therefore took my truck.

    I immediately sent my attorney bank statement proof that we were current, something I had already done in November, 2009. Seems that Alex, my account rep at Santander and probably the person who ordered the repo, never confirmed with my attorney that the payment made in November had posted to my account.

    It's been three days now and they still cannot locate the payment. Alex won't talk to me (he will only deal with my attorney), and today stated that "the accounting department is looking into it, I don't have an answer for you, but sorry for all the trouble." The payment was not returned to me, so they have it -- where? In the meantime, I am without my vehicle, had to rent a car to get to work, and there is no resolution in sight. I provided electronic proof from Chase that the payment had been sent to and accepted by Triad on November 10, 2009, but they will not release my truck UNTIL THEY FIND THE PAYMENT AND POST IT TO MY ACCOUNT, regardless of the fact they have admitted receiving it. So here I stand, current on payments and without my truck. My attorney confirmed they will not release the truck until the payment has posted to my account, so if it takes three weeks, I'll be without it all that time. Nice guys, this Santander outfit.

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  • Bl
    blah567887 Jan 29, 2010

    SAN TAN DARE...hahaha they call all the time from different phone numbers and leave v/mails and you cant understand the name of the company cuz its such a gay name to begin with...The cool thing is I just keep adding them to my contact list with a no sound ring tone on my cell phone...U SUCK SAN TAN DARE

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  • Do
    Dont use Santander USA Dec 16, 2009

    If you like being treated like dog squeeze, lied to, and being told that their going to repo your car if your payment is $1 short, use Santander USA.

    If you don't like any of those things, stay far, far, far away from Santander USA.
    You've been warned.

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  • Ka
    katd Dec 08, 2009

    I HATE SANTANER!!! I asked for a statement copy because they messed up my bill and i wanted "financial history", and they told me "we cannot send out statements", so I said, "I've been sent a financial statement before" and this Russ guy (a manager) says "oh, well i can send that, just not a statement copy." I actually told this guy, "what the ### do you think i meant by a statement to show my financial history?!" I said: "come on rus, can you really not go a little above and beyond and maybe say "i cant send statements but i'll send a fianancial history" ???!!! What the hell is wrong with this company?!?!!? I truly beleive they are paid to make the customers miserable! If anyone wants to go to the better business bureau or make a large complaint, I'm with you!!!

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  • Ri
    ricmac74 Nov 09, 2009

    This company sucks. They took over from Sovereign Bank and have messed up my account from the beginning. They never sent me my over payment even though they said they would. When I traded my car in they called me every day to get the payment, the dealer was slow. To be safe I made a payment, the next day the dealer's payoff arrived. So I called them for my overpayment. They said they would get that back to me in 30-45 days. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOOLS.

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  • Km
    KMCP Sep 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had two car loans with Soveriegn bank that Santander has taken over. In 3 months time they have sent double statments on both loans (one of which I accidentally paid twice), they generate statements 8 days before the payment is due leaving no time to actually get the statement write a check and mail it. Heaven help someone who goes out of town for a week and doesn't pay ahead without a coupon.
    They charge a ridiculous $11 to pay on line. They now have an extra payment which they won't acknowledge AND the guy is trying to tell me the account is past due. PAST DUE?? IT is OVERPAID by one payment. He tells me it is my problem to send them a payment, they aren't obligated to send a statement or a coupon book, that's only a courtesy. I don't believe that is actually true.

    I am so tired of banks cavalier attitude. They did NOT do me a favor, they agreed to conduct a business transaction which I am keeping my part of the contract.

    I was seriously so angry I said alot of bad words and beat the keys out of my keyboard and broke off the little legs. In 3 months time I am so frustrated over Santander I am about to have an aneurysm. I'll bet I've called them 20 times. I can't express how angry I am at Santander. If I ran our business this way we wouldn't have a single customer.

    We originally bought 2 classic cars through JJ Best Banc who funded through Sovereign then Santander took opver. NEVER again. We are in the classic car industry and will no longer recommend JJ Best Banc because they still use Santander.

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