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Sanford Brown Institute / Professionalism

1 nyc, NY, United States Review updated:

This school had recently been the biggest pain of all the school i ever had attented. This by far is the worst school. From the employees, teachers, and students. First, two weeks before i was supposed to start my externship i have found out that i owe money to the due to my funds being taken out earlier from a previous school. Ok no prob but the worst part is nobody had come to at least inform me possibly thru a email maybe then they couldnt explain to me properly of why the funds was taken the head director wasnt exactly being very sympatheic about the situation. She had the nerve to have an attitude. Im sorry but when someone found out they owe at least 2000 and it supposed to be paid off in 2 wks My state of mind was just thinking how the hell im going to pay for this? i have come a long way and completing the school was a big achievement for me and my family. In my opinion, there is a reason why she was made head director and i didnt see none at all, especially no professionalism. Yes i am a student but without us your students they would not be getting paid. Then before we leave for externship, we are supposed to hand in our medical clearance form. I know i had gave it in because my doctor office had made a copy of it and I kno for sure i hand it in. They told me they dont have it mean while mentioning that someone who was working there likes to take files. Its medical form we are supposed to trust the school wit confidential documents.
Now that all taken care of, my next problems was getting answer regarding my clinical site. I feel like im playing phone tags with the career services so called professional people. Its been 2 and a half supposed to be done in another 2 weeks but I havent even got a site yet. They called me ask me question but when i want answer i never get it, i alwys gota go thru 2-3 people just for a simple yes or no. I feel like the price i pay to get my education was not worth it I might as well had went to a 4 yr students shuld be going thru all this obstacle when all this supposed to be taken care of asap. I would never ever recommend this school to anybody. All they care is money and being on time wit your payment. They sdnt care if ur education was sufficent or not. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!

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  • St
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    Sanford Brown College is a total fake. They view their students as nothing more than dollar signs. They don't care about them at all and don't really care if they are successful or not as long as the college gets their money in the end. The professionalism is a pure joke. They are rude and nasty and I have been dealing with this bull for a while now. I strongly encourage if you are considering this college GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! This school is fake fake fake fake. You will not learn anything and will be unemployed after graduation. I was enrolled in the Medical Assisting diploma program and was told after attending for a semester that I would not qualify for the certification testing. The whole point is to get certified to work in hospitals or clinics or elswhere. Most major employers will not hire you without certification. Something is definitely fishy about this college and I hope that they are exposed. I do not see how a diploma program can cost a student over 16, 000 dollars. This makes no sense at all.

  • Bu
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    Sanford Brown Institute (SBI) is governed under the parent company Career Education Corporation (CEC). CEC has been in the news constantly over the last several years, including an episode run on 60 Minutes, and has horror stories posted all over the World Wide Web regarding school closures, unethical business practices, deception, fraud, lies, federal government funding, and just about any other ripoff one could imagine relating to this substandard diploma mill of a company who preys on who they fondly like to refer to as "students." CEC is one of many for-profit educational facilities who are currently being investigated by the federal government, due to the fact that these schools are notorious for providing substandard education in return for leaving a student with no education, no job, and nothing else but thousands of dollars to be repaid in student loans. I know; I just attended SBI for a short 6 weeks and have fortunately been able to see through their cheating plot of deceptive lies. After withdrawing, SBI is now in the process of mishandling my federal student loans behind my very nose and has, in my opinion, crossed yet another boundary in their relentless efforts to continue their motto of unethical and deceptive business practices.

    I don't care how old or young you are or what any of these for-profit educational facilities tell you, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Do not even consider going to one of these diploma mills! If you want to spend 4-5 times the amount of money to sit in a classroom, learn nothing, acquire no useful education or skills, and then expect to get hired by a company who sees Sanford Brown Institute on your resume, forget it. You will be left holding the bag, like many others, with nothing left but a HUGE DEBT to repay, wasted time, and crushed dreams.

    Do your research first, please. You deserve better for yourself! We cannot continue to let these proprietary, for-profit leeches rob the federal government and the taxpayers anymore!

  • Te
      1st of Apr, 2011
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    i have never been so discouraged about going to school. its like i finally reached a point in my life i know what i want to do and accomplish until i got in a specific class at sanford brown institute of ft lauderdale and experienced unprofessionalism where the teacher got up and charged toward me and started to yell at the top of her lungs. i asked her a question about a paper she graded and handed back to me in which i didnt fully understand why i got the grand and she responded to me and a rude and direspectful way and talked to me as if i were a child. i let her know i dint appreciate the way she was coming at me and things started to get out of control. we went back and forth until she actually got out of her seat and came charging my way pointing her fingure at me yelling at the top of her lungs. now i feel as if i want to give up on everything i have accomplished because of this one teacher that just changed my thoughts on education. i dont know im just hurt and it really affecting me

  • Fe
      17th of Apr, 2012
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    At Feldman, Fox & Morgado, we are investigating several for-profit colleges, universities, academies and their parent companies for fraud, misrepresentation and violation of Unfair Trade Practices Acts. Visit our new site and even if you do not see your school listed, we may already be conducting an investigation and want to hear your story. We look forward to discussing your case soon.

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