[Resolved] Sandals / Service and Stay - Worst Service Ever

Ocho Rios Jamaica, United States

We have been loyal customers of Sandals and Beaches and have appreciated the excellent customer service provided and have never complained until our second visit to “Sandals Ochi”. Yet a resort unpleasant experience at “Sandals Ochi” has shaken our belief in Sandal’s ability to provide top notch customer service at all times. We never got to experience the “Sandals” experienced. I will also be reaching out to the corporate office regarding the experience. This is not acceptable for any guest even as returning guests. The type of service need to be known and is still pending resolution. We traveled four times for the year and have never written a bad review but this experience could not be ignored. Our stay at Sandals Ochi from December 25th, 2015 through January 1st, 2016 was the worst experience we have ever experienced and wasted money. This is our second time returning to this resort and we were amazed how the service has declined. Throughout our stay, the service was mediocre at the restaurants and bars. It was a shocked to hear other guest complaining about the service and the same issues we experienced. What was even more surprising was visiting Beaches Ocho Rios and Sandals Montego Bay after leaving this resort and hearing other returning guests complaining about the same issues and voicing their concerns about the same we had and how the service has declined. Beaches Ochi and Sandals Montego Bay lived up to the “Sandals experience” and reviews are posted. After complaining twice, the first after four days of having enough and the sixth day and the service did not improve. We finally decided to stay indoors and had our butlers ordered room service the final two days to avoid the treatment. We finally decided to put in some of the concerns through the “LOOP” which the cases were closed and still no follow up. We spoke with the manager on duty and voice our concerns and recommendations for improving service after being tired of four days of the torture and worst customer service we ever experience. Maxine seemed very concern, listened and apologized and said she will discussed with other managers and in staff shift line – up. She had dinner with us that same night, which we appreciated. The mediocre service still continue which as guests we do not ask for much, but the customer service issues were blatant and was unbelievable. We continue putting us with the service until we reached saturation point when we visited the “Grill Hut” and sat awaiting service and was totally ignored by Crystal which was not the first time, three other couples came after us and were served as we sat there were not even offered water for over 30 minutes. We finally decided to get up and ask the worker behind the counter if there was a problem with us that we were totally ignored and not served. This experience was the worst and we had it at this point, it cost a lot to visit SANDALS AND THE TREATMENT really made us feel like we did not pay for the service like any other guests. This was not the first incident we waited for over fifteen minutes and was not acknowledged. We decided at this point to speak with one of the manager by the name of Andrew, on December 30th and asked that we be transferred to the “Beaches Ochi” property before our scheduled arrival on January 1st. We again complained about the service and our experiences and offer recommendation and solutions, which he seemed concerned, listened and again apologized, He advised us that Beaches was full to capacity so we could not leave. During the conversation the “Director of Guest Service” intervened during the conversation and wanted us to discuss our experiences, concerns and vowed that she will make this right and speaks to the staff and this is not what “Sandals experience” is about. She vowed to follow up with us and offered us two nights free for all the problems. She advised us that we should pick up the voucher at the front desk when we check out on January 1st, 2016. We do not mind paying for the service, but I could have gone to a cheaper hotel chain and maybe experience the same level of service or even better service. We paid for the “Sandals experience”. We checked the voicemail message on our phone daily until we checked out and there were no messages following – up by any of the staff. When we checked out on January 1st, we asked during our check out about the 2 free night’s voucher that we should pick up. The front desk clerk called the “Director of Guest services” and she advised the agent that we should receive an email within 7-10 business days. It would have been nice to be told that during our discussion. At this point it showed the lack of service in leadership, which seems apparent in the staff. It would have been nice for someone to at least follow up and resolved the issue before the two “LOOP” concerns were closed yet not resolved. When we left at that point it was apparent that no one cared. Luckily for us we had butlers which make our stay a little better, unfortunately they do not control the service at the restaurants and bars. I did not pay for butlers to be at my side at all times. It now January 14th, 2016, 13 days since we checked out of “Sandals Ochi” and we are still awaiting an email, follow-up, a phone This is our first Sandals trip that the service was so atrocious that we did not attend the “returning guest” dinner and the Butler party which there was no regret after hearing from other Sandals select members. Our final two days we had enough and in order to make use of our vacation that we paid for, we decided to stay indoors and order room service in order to avoid any more aggravation. This is not what we envisioned for our vacation. There were several issues that we encountered: 1. Being constantly ignored when visiting the restaurants, which took fifteen minutes, thirty minutes and one incident over forty five minutes at the Grill/ Hut to even be acknowledged. 2. Visiting the bars for frozen drinks and being told there was no blender to get a frozen drink, we needed to return at a specific times. 3. Visiting the restaurants and not having the items listed on the menus for several days and the staff not even extended an offer to assist. 4. The food served at the restaurant was served constantly cold and we walked out due to the poor service and no follow up by the waiter and waitress staff. 5. The lack of service by staff to assist when visiting even the restaurants and grill. Had to constantly get us and asked for service, even being constantly ignored or overlooked by staff and other guests were served that arrived after us. 6. Visiting the “Le Gourmand” restaurant for breakfast and waited over two hours for breakfast due to insinuating circumstance with the chef, which I understood. What was very disappointing is the lack of customer service and the manager’s failure to seize this moment by coming out into the dining room and apologizing to the guests. What was disappointing is that we were told everyone would be contacted by a manager regarding the situation. We did not get a call apologizing until 48 hours after which occurred due to my husband mentioning to one of the manager that we did not get a call regarding the incident. We finally decided to give them a second chance and the service was poor, slow, items not on menu and it was disappointing again. 7. The restaurants constantly had a wait list for dinner, which is acceptable but every night this is a problem. Recommendations 1. The staff needs to be constantly trained on “diversity and inclusion” and understand that we treat all customer exactly the same regardless of the religion, culture, color etc. 2. The staff needs to aspire and understand that customer service is essential in this business and despite how they feel, a smile goes a long way and treating all guest with a certain level of respect is vital for guests to continue to return. 3. The Butlers need to stop and offer not just their guests a ride when the golf cart is empty. I understand there are for their guest but just being considerate of other guests. 4. There is a need for at least one restaurant each night to offer “buffet service” to avoid the long wait for dinner. There is some staff that deserved recognition and a big thank you for making our vacation much better. Our “Butlers” Jeremy and Richard. You guys can only control the things you control; you cannot control the other staff members. Richard thank you for all your assistance, it was sad we didn’t get to spend too much time with you. Jeremy you are the greatest, you understand what customer service is about and your personality is amazing. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. Keep on shining! You made an impact. Your pursuit of excellence is apparent. Martina in Landscaping. You were impressive and awesome. Your understanding and commitment of what customer service is was breathtaking. You were a breath of fresh air and just your attention to details. You are heading for greatest! You will be an amazing teacher one day, which is your dream. Katleight in dining. Your attention to detail, following – up and providing the best customer service experience is memorable and should be commended. It was a pleasure having you serve us on two occasions and it takes a special individual like you to put sunshine in a bad day. You are heading for greatness! Thank you so much. I am writing to encourage you to improve and elevate your customer service as I don’t want this experience to continue to ruin impressions of “Sandals”. These concerns will also be to send to corporate office. If this is kind of service that loyal customer received, I can only imagine how worst it can get in the case of others. P. S I am still awaiting an email regarding the voucher for 2 free nights we were promised. I understand the team might be overwhelmed with all the resort issues, but following-up with customers is imperative in any organization and keeping promises made. Thank you

  • Resolution statement

    Sandals followed up and was proactive in ensuring that my concerns were addressed and resolved since customer service was their number 1 priority and ensuring that their guests were satisfied and they exceed my expectations.
    Thank you for following - up and resolving issue.

Jan 14, 2016

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