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Mid-April 2014 a friend and I went to Montego Bay for 10 days. I judge a venue's patron's successful experience not only by when things go right, but how they behave when things go very wrong. Montego Bay's new management failed and continues to fail (and avoid any communication) to even discuss: losing our bags for three weeks at Sandals (they never made to the airlines), the bags were ransacked, there was an actually falling injury due to heavy rain and an unlighted staircase. Then there's the, seemingly, universal complaints about an"All Inclusive" that isn't, the bait and switch with chef/gourmet level foods and their Caribbean food court equivalents, the opened, diluted premium liquor bottles in the "butlered" villas. There's that slackness that comes with island life/flow and you just have to accept it to a degree, but there were levels of lack of remotely timeliness in correcting or repairing failed electrical aspects of the villa. Then there's the dirty little secret you discover 30 to 40 times a day as departing jets are so low that their landing gear is still down. The complete avoidance and lack of communication made this a very unsatisfying experience is shocking from a brand that appears to be quality and customer service. This is a failure and the new management can't help but get found out very soon.

Sep 30, 2014
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      Jan 03, 2015

    We were married at at Sandals, Ocho Rios Jamaica. It was a lovely wedding. We were promised that if we went back for our one year anniversary that we would get our cake top. Just let them know once we arrived. With this in mind. I scheduled our one year anniversary back at the Sandals, Ocho Rios. I wanted it to be special so purchased over $1, 500.00 in upgrades.. honeymoon suite, butler etc. Once we arrived they gave us the exact same room we had before. We knew the difference because we had been their previously - but had we not been there we wouldn't have known. The butler that we were suppose to have, we hardly ever saw. The butler was taking care of 3 other couples. I spoke to management regarding the room and they did move us the following day to the correct room. But I was ignored in regards to the cake topping and never received the one on one attention we paid for regarding the butler. So I completely agree in regards to the paying extra for upgrades and not getting them. Sad to say many people are taken advantage of that way and had I not been there prior I wouldn't have known the difference. Not planning on going back anytime soon, but if we did go back.. wouldn't pay for extras.

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