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montreal, Canada

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Sandals Resorts. Be forewarned if you ever have a problem with a sandals resort they will never assist you so be prepared to kiss your $6000.00 of vacation dollars for one week goodbye

To Customer Service at Sandal's Resorts:
I am writing to you today to provide some feedback but also to share an unfortunate experience I had on my recent vacation with Sandals’ Resort. The Director of Guest Services at Sandal's Montego Bay was the person who suggested that I get in touch with you directly. I believe she agreed with my complaint but was unable to resolve the issue herself.
Allow me to briefly explain. I am a loyal customer with Sandals. During my visit in April 2013 to the Ocho Rios location to celebrate my engagement, there was a chronic problem with the air conditioning unit in our room which malfunctioned for 4 days and nights. The unit beeped constantly all night. My fiancé and I did not get any sleep for 4 nights out of our 6 night vacation. Rather than adjust the cost of my stay I was offered, and accepted a 2 day voucher for use at a future date. However the voucher apparently had a 12-month expiration date. During the subsequent months I suffered the loss of my mother and postponed any vacations for obvious reasons. When my year of mourning was up, I called to book a stay and mentioned my voucher and I was assured by my travel agent, who had spoken directly with the Quebec representative of Sandals, that Montego Bay will do “something” for us. My agent hinted at an extension of the voucher, (if not for this vacation, for use on a future vacation) a room upgrade, or perhaps a 2nd voucher for the spa treatment. I was assured that the staff at Montego Bay will be aware of this. As well, this was a celebration of my fiancé’s birthday, and I was promised that she would receive special treatment on her birthday. I had to call the manager to tell her it was my fiancé’s birthday, and my fiancé later received a phone call wishing her a Happy Birthday. I was not impressed with the special treatment which was documented in my reservation.
Upon my arrival to the Montego Bay location, no other accommodation (upgrade, spa credit or anything) was offered in its stead. I have to share with you both my disappointment and the feeling like this was a bit of a bait and switch, since the representative had assured me that Sandal’s would take care of the situation.
When we arrived at the resort the file had most certainly not been notated and there was no request for any type of extension or upgrade. I spoke to Client care specialist Duncan at check in and though she agreed that the voucher should be honored under the circumstances, she had no authority to comp the two nights stay. Duncan involved the Director of Guest Services, Miss xxxx xxx and while Ms. xxxxx could not help me, she suggested that I contact you directly after someone in the head office reviewed the file and refused to grant the promised extension. My original voucher had expired by a mere 3 months when I made the reservations for Montego Bay. To say I was disappointed would be a gross understatement. I felt especially disappointed that the reasons for the delay were for very legitimate.
This added insult to injury as I have been raving about the quality of service at Sandal’s Resorts when my sister has been encouraging me to try other properties. In particular she recommends the Palace Resorts chain in Mexico.
I sincerely hope that this letter will serve both as an opportunity for me to share with you the feedback about what is clearly a disconnect between booking vacations and information given to the actual resorts, but also to let you know how very disappointed I am. Especially since I am a loyal customer to Sandal’s and remained a loyal customer despite a disastrous stay at Ocho Rios because of a poorly serviced infrastructure (which is something Sandal’s should be taking care of.)
I absolutely love the Sandal's concept. Despite the warnings of family and friends, I feel well cared for and safe when I stay at a Sandal's resort. I had an amazing time at Montego Bay, and would be willing to return to this location (where I had no problems with malfunctioning air conditioning). I would request that Sandal’s please reissue the 2 day voucher so that I might return to a Sandal’s resort in the future. I would also encourage your customer service dept. to better train the reservation agents to be a bit more transparent and honest with customers so as not to create unrealistic expectations they never had any intention of honoring, and certainly they should not make promises that they cannot keep.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my letter and for consideraton of my request

Yours very sincerely,
P.S. Their response was to flatly deny any extension of the voucher, as well, they claimed my fiancé and I were treated to a breakfast in bed with flowers and champagne for her birthday. Again we never received a thing.

P.P.S. I posted a negative review on TripAdvisor and after receiving 10 helpful votes, TripAdvisor decided to yank my ad, claiming I commented about the food and rooms but never slept there or ate there, and despite several letters explaining that sandals is an all exclusive resort, and everyone who stays there eats and sleeps there, they refused to respond to me. TripAdvisor is controlled by companies like sandals to try and bury all the damaging reviews. Thank goodness for sites like this!!!

Jun 2, 2015

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