San Jose Mercury News / wet, missing and failure to deliver another paper when asked too. no response from a supervisor when asking for a follow up.

Susan Senneck  James Reedy

I want to cancel my order

San Jose Mercury News

1147 Bucknam Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

On a previous occasion the paper was wet although it was in a bag that
allowed water to enter the bag.

I used SJM's automated system to get a replacement that never arrived.
After that incident the paper delivery person would tie the bag closed.

Wed 1/18/17, the paper was wet from the rain and had no bag.
I called the SJMN and left a message at 9:40am.
I received a call back at 10:40am and was advised I needed to call before
10:30am to get a replacement paper.
I received credit and the Staff left a note for the carrier about double
bagging although I gave the Staff the above background.

Sun 1/22/17 9:15am.
Paper in a single plastic bag tied at the top, but still wet.
I called SJMN for a replacement. No replacement bag delivered.

2/16/17 - Two plastic bags for the first time since the SJMN Staff said that
they would have the delivery person do so on 1/18/17. Bags not tied and
front page wet. Called SJMN at 9:45 am. SJMN called back and stated they
would give a credit and deliver a paper tomorrow.
Next day paper was in s single bag that was tied off and not "wet". No extra
paper as promised.
2/18/17 paper in two bags and outside bag tied and paper dry.
2/20/17, paper in two bags with outer bag tied off, paper dry.
3/17/17, NO paper.  I advised SJMN's staff that if don't get a paper today I
will cancel my subscription.
No call from area manager or paper delivered.
3/27/17, Still NO call from area manager.

Mar 27, 2017

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